Update: Mystery solved (check the comments). The person who I suspected is indeed the culprit, though I’m still a little baffled by the Sephora box. Anyway, Brad Dearborn is a dear friend and mentor to me (a spiritual mentor as well as a mentor in the art of practical jokes). Brad led a bible study that I was in in high school and had such an impact on my life back then. As you can see, his sense of humor is wonderfully dry and wickedly funny – yes, there were many a dropped off item at my parents house over the years from toilets to a headless goose. And those things always made their way back to Brad’s house, either by me or by my mom, who, I must say, also has a wickedly mischevious sense of humor. Thank you, Brad. You’ve provided many years of laughter and it’s moving on to another generation. Brilliant. I love you dearly! I’m off to San Diego tomorrow morning early to visit with dear, dear friends. I’m so excited and I’m going crazy right now trying to get ready. I’ll be back next Monday.

Sloan received a mystery package in the mail today from someone who obviously reads this blog. It is a ceramic giraffe with it’s legs crossed and a couple of tickets to the St. Louis Zoo. Who is it from? It was sent from Ballwin. At first I thought I knew for sure who had sent it, but the Sephora box has thrown me for a loop. Anyway, whoever you are – well done! I have laughed all afternoon. If you didn’t read the giraffe post, click here.


  1. heresthediehl says

    so funny!

    wish i could claim it, but i can’t.

    and i recognize those zoo train tickets from when i was a kid!

  2. that’s a riot Kel! Sounds like something Amy would do…but she doesn’t read blogs. 🙂 Be sure and give us the big reveal!

  3. That is too funny. My first guess was the same as yours…Mr. Brad. But the Sephora box is a mystery, although he is known to be very creative. Remember the toilet and goose on my porch? I love that the giraffe has it’s legs crossed. Someday Sloan will get a real kick out of this!

  4. blessedpath says

    TOO FUNNY!!! Someone is ON IT!! Let us know when you find out! What is Sephora?????

  5. So . . . a guy plants petunias in a toilet bowl and delivers it onto a front porch, shortly after an ongoing trek involving a headless, concrete goose, and he winds up bearing a 10-year darkened reputation.

    He, then, is deemed simply “creative” by the presence of a labeled carton while there is no thought whatsoever given to the possibility of his disciplined skin-care regimen. Hmmm.

    Now, a thoughtful and broadly-searched reward arrives to encourage a young man who is obviously equipped for and keenly interested in prolific public performance – it all just seems natural that others would willingly join in his mentoring.

    I’m glad that you had some joy added to your day!

  6. Soooo, Brad, are you admitting it was you? And just what are you ordering from Sephora because I have noticed that your skin has a lovely glow to it lately.

  7. Sure, I’ll own up to it! I have to say, though, that I can’t take credit for crossing the giraffe’s legs any more than I can be blamed for beheading that goose. And the glowing skin is probably due more to radiation than anything from Sephora.

  8. the broomes says

    I love it!!!! Hope you’re having a blast with friends this weekend, Kell!!! BTW: I tagged you on my blog!:)