Kid’s Say (and Do) the Darndest Things

Now that Tia is starting to talk more, I can finally start posting the funny things that she is saying. Tia is my early bird. She generally is the first one up and comes traipsing into our room when it is still dark. Lee has been getting up with her and taking her out into the family room where they snuggle on the chair and read the Bible together. After he’s read for a few minutes, he pulls out a book and tells her the letters on the front and has her repeat them back to her. The book she likes to “read” the most with dad is written by a man named R.C. Sproul. Here is how their conversation usually goes:

Lee: R
Tia: Awd
Lee: C
Tia: Theee
Lee: S
Tia: Eth
Lee: P
Tia: Peeee
Lee: R
Tia: Awd
Lee: O
Tia: Od
Lee: U
Tia: Me
Lee: No, U
Tia: Me
Lee: No, Tia the letter is U
Tia: Uh huh, Me
Lee: L
Tia: Ed

We bought our pumpkins yesterday at the grocery store. I let Sloan help me put them into the cart. As we were loading them, Sloan asked, “Mom, can we skarf these tonight?” For the record, he meant carve.

My cousin, Stefanie, and her cutie patootie son were in town last week. We had tons of fun romping around St. Louis with them. On Friday we went to the Arch. It was Sloan’s first time and he was thrilled as he’s been asking us to take him for months now. For some reason, though, he felt the need to wink every time someone took a picture of him so I ended up with a bunch of pictures of him with half closed eyes. Kids are so funny…


  1. Anonymous says

    Cute Tia story!
    I would LOVE to capture some one year shots of Landon! sounds major fun!

  2. that’s classic. i’m sure i’ll have some great stories like that once our little guy starts talking