Guess I won’t be getting that nap today…

I love Sloan’s russian school. They are so sweet and they work really hard with Sloan – and with me. I gotta say, though, that the homework they give is killing me! This poorly taken picture is the homework that Sloan had to complete just between Monday and Thursday! There were three writing exercises, two pages to read, two lines of a poem to memorize (to be fair, we have a couple more weeks before he has to recite them) and a play to work on. That may not seem like a lot, but when it’s in a foreign language it takes twice the amount of time to complete – although Sloan is getting very fast at his reading. The last two pages at the top of the photo are the play. Sloan only has a few lines to learn, but I need to translate the whole thing for him so the poor kid knows what’s going on when they perform it. Since he’s the only kid at the school without a russian parent he’s at a major disadvantage. All of the other kids are fluent already in the language. Sloan understnads it, but speaking is hard for him. It’s my fault – I try to speak russian with them some at home, but it’s just really hard to do that and still keep order in our house. So, I will be sitting down in a minute and translating a four page play with lots of big words in it! I feel like I’m in college again. This, incidentally, is why I have yet to teach him how to read in English.

Oh yeah, and I’ve got this to deal with, as well as three loads of laundry to put away. There will be no resting today. ‘Kay – gotta go!


  1. Stuart Fam says

    I am digging the new island…that is my first glimpse of it! Cade has to build an Indian house! WHAT? I hate projects that parents have to help with. It is not my forte’ and it makes me think I am back in school all over again! The whole indian house has me in the jitters…I asked Eric if that could be a project between father and son!

  2. blessedpath says

    Man, I have to say, that “regular” school doesnt even give THAT much homework yet!! I feel for ya, Mike is the more patient parent when it comes to helping with homework. We are so lucky so far, that Chase doesnt need a whole lot of help…..but I know that day is coming!!

  3. heresthediehl says

    yikes on the russian homework! holy cow!

    btw, i enjoy seeing other people’s countertops. makes me feel good about mine looking the same way.

  4. The Original 2 Prices says

    I say- dishes and dirty clothes can wait. You can let them “soak” and “pre-treat” the stains- that takes at least 3 days! Can’t imagine pages of Russian- we have yet to master reflective terms, irregular plurals and past tense verbs in spoken English. Go take a nap!