All rolled into one…

I have several things to share, but no time to share them as this week is CRAZY! So much to do, so little time. And mama is so very tired. I think I’m fighting off some sort of bug because I’m just exhausted all the time. But because I don’t have time to be sick, I press on so…onward!
We had a fun weekend. Sloan had his final soccer game and got his trophy, which he just thought was super cool! We discovered this weekend that Landon loves to play with balls and will spend significant amounts of time pushing a ball around the house – that is if said ball isn’t snatched by his sister. He will also roll the ball back and forth with us, which is so cute.
We headed to the pumpkin patch on Sunday – a gorgeous day. We went with our good friends, the James, which made it even more fun. That’s a good activity to share with another family. The kids had fun running through the rows of pumpkins, playing on all the tractors and trucks, and taking pony rides. Good times.
I took Landon to the doctor for his 10 month check up the other day. Poor baby has an ear infection, which explains the never ending cold he’s had. Otherwise, he looks great. He is significantly smaller than Sloan was at this age. At 9 months, Sloan weighed two pounds more and was almost a full inch taller than Landon is right now at 10 months. Sloan was a beast. (For documentation purposes, I’m recording that Landon was 23.11 pounds and 29 1/4 in.)
And finally, an exciting bit of personal news – I was appointed the editor of the St. Louis Blogger’s Guild at last night’s meeting. I’m really excited about this, and a little nervous. I will be writing one post per week for the guild site and organizing/editing two additional posts each week, which will be written by different members of the guild. This will give me a chance to learn more about social media, contribute to the guild, and have a specific writing deadline which just makes the blood of a writer course electrically through her veins. So, all in all, we’re doing well. Enjoy the pictures.

Tia loved the pony ride but was afraid she was going to fall. Every time she passed us she’d say, “Mama, ah d wa osh.” (Translation – mommy, I’m going to fall off) I have given up on getting them all to look and smile at the same time. It’s not possible…

The most decent family shot we got. Thanks Suzanne!

Sloan and his friend Bobby playing on the big fire truck.
Landon was having a blast.
Poor baby. All the adults were laughing at him so he got a little love from the pumpkin.


  1. Anonymous says

    Thanks for the pictures! Those St. Louis grandkids are oh, so precious! I love Sloan’s short haircut. So cute! And what can I say about Tia? She’s a Stuart born girl and absolutely adorable. Just the pictures of Landon melt my heart. I can’t imagine what it would be like to get my arms wrapped around him on a weekly basis. ‘Soon and very soon’, I’ll have them within reach, and you need to warn them: Bebe wants lots and lots of hugs and kisses.
    Congratulations, Editor Kelli! Have fun with this, and don’t let it stress you.

  2. blessedpath says

    I love the pic of you all that you can just make out your images….the way the sun is shining over you….it’s like God shining over your family, very cool!!! Anyway. I JUST saw you 5min ago……did you mention about becoming editor…NOOOOOO. Congrats, this is just the beginning for ya Kelli. Can “we” check out the Guild site to read your great works???

  3. Anonymous says

    Awesome on the editor news! Hope it is fun! The last pic is my very fave! Becke’

  4. congrats on your new position! that's really fun & sounds like good experience.
    love the pumpkin pics!

  5. My daughter and I totally love the final pumpkin picture! 🙂 Sweet Landon! We have missed him in the church nursery; I hope he is all well very soon.

  6. Wow! Editor sounds like lots of fun and you’ll be so good at it! Congrats! The pictures are cute and Landon is such a sweetie!