Weekend Rundown

We had a full, busy weekend. It was beutiful outside and I’m pleased to say that we spent most of our weekend enjoying the weather. I am not pleased to say that my house looks like it threw up. Anyway, it started Friday night when Lee took the older kids to a high school football game. He told them earlier in the week that he was going to do this and they were beside themselves with excitement. They had a good time, but the fun really started before they left. I was indulging my addiction by reading all of your blogs and Lee had fallen asleep in the bedroom, unbeknownst to me. The kids were awfully quiet, so I went to check on them and found them elbow deep in my makeup. I paused long enough to take a picture, then firmly told them they were not to be in my makeup, especially Sloan, who, you can see, had a particularly good time.Saturday morning was phenomenal, so we packed up the kids and the dog and headed to Castlewood Park, one of my favorite in St. Louis where we ran, played and hiked up to the overlook. It was so fun to be out in nature. Lee, Sloan and I had a blast. Tia whined most of the time and Landon seemed a little perturbed that we were once again denying him of his coveted morning nap. But it was still a good time.I looked just long enough to snap these pictures, but watching my husband and my babies on this rock, hanging perilously over a large and deadly drop-off pretty much terrifies me. I think I lost a couple of years waiting on them to return.Tossing rocks over the edge.
Landon got his first shoulder ride.Later we went to Sloan’s soccer game and had a good laugh at his complete lack of motivation in sports. He’s a great little athlete but is not even remotely competitive so he just runs around and grins and waves. But he has a blast so that’s all that matters.

Saturday night we pulled out our projector and shined a movie up on the garage door for the kids. We ate snacks and had our own little drive in. So fun.
Sunday was filled with church, birthday parties and dinner at the park. Again, so much fun. We’re trying to enjoy this awesome weather before it gets too cold. What did you guys do this weekend?


  1. blessedpath says

    Mercy, and I thought WE had a busy weekend!! Ya know, we haven’t been to Castlewood in forever…..why??? It’s been probably 20yrs since I’ve been on the lookout. As God as my witness, we are going this fall!! We missed you all at Brookes party, and that movie sure looked fun!! Can we still do it again sometime??

  2. That is priceless!! Looks like you all had a great weekend, sorry we didn't come up for movie night Cory and I went out to celebrate our anniversary.
    I haven't been to Castlewood since I was in highschool we use to sneak in there late at night and enjoy the scenery (sp?) it really is beautiful up there.
    Maybe we can get Claire & Tia together on Wednesday for a playdate are you free?