Third Child Woes

Hey all – Landon here. Just wanted to stop by and post a message of my own. I’m close to 9 months old now, and so far life hasn’t been that bad. I started crawling the other day. That was cool, but I’m over the excitement now. I’m movin’ on to the good stuff, pulling up, walking, getting into everything I possibly can. I see how the older two run mom ragged and it looks kinda fun. I want to get in on that action.
I do, however, have a couple of issues with the whole third kid thing. First of all, I get left alone an awful lot. And despite my rather persistent cries of protest, they just leave me. Mom’s all “Sorry bud, but I just can’t hold you now.” What’s that all about? I’m adorable! Who wouldn’t want to hold me. And, you know, mom keeps complaining about the extra 10 pounds she’s holding on to…well, if she’d tote my 23 pound behind around more, I could guarentee a quick and easy weight loss. Then there are my siblings. I mean, they’re cool and all, and for the most part they crack me up. But they can also be a little annoying – especially the one with the longer hair who keeps pushing me over and trying to pick me up even though I weigh almost as much as she does. And the tall one that talks a lot – well, he just eggs her on! Tonight was no different. I was in my room…alone…again, when they both came running in all sopping wet and naked. I had just enjoyed my own bath and was minding my own business when I felt this cold goop hit my head and saw them laughing and pointing. Feeling foolish, I tried to laugh along, but when mom came in and shook her head and said that “no” word that I hear a lot, I knew it wasn’t good. Turns out the one with the longer hair thought it would be hilarious to glop lotion on my nice, clean head. Ha, ha, ha. Real funny guys. Geesh. What they don’t know is that I am storing up all these moments of torture and I will have my revenge. I’ve heard that little brother’s are supposed to be pests – I can’t wait to live up to that!


  1. Hey Landon – though we really don’t know each other all that well yet, please know that I admire your thinking and am really rooting for you to even the score!

  2. Stuart Fam says

    Is he really pulling up and walking? WHAT?

  3. The Original 2 Prices says

    Hilarious! Why is it that they get so wild and crazy after beds? I swear Sam and Jack turn into Gremlins after they are clean!!

  4. The Original 2 Prices says

    Baths, I meant to say after baths! Shoot, I have trouble with this whole comment thing….

  5. Hey Landon, can you use the phone yet? Just call 1-800-Byshka and I will come over and carry you around anytime! You will learn very quickly how to bob and weave, especially around the long haired one! I miss you and will be home soon to rescue you.

  6. Three Against One says

    Oh poor Landon, when I first looked at the picture before I read the blog it looked to me like he had a bow in his hair and I was wondering what was going on up at the Stuart’s house. Don’t worry before long he will start screaming at them and saying “no” like my little one has learned to. We are trying to encourage her to say “help” and “no” anything but that horrible shrieking (sp?). Is he really pulling up and cruising already??

  7. blessedpath says

    Oh, Landon. You are so quiet, but i bet as you get older you can use that to your advantage!! I am the youngest too, and use to use my quietness to spy on my older bro and sis!! You just wait bud, your time is a comin’

  8. heresthediehl says

    Landon, you and Jack Henry will have to team up to get even with those older siblings. The two of you will have stories to share!