I don’t have anything creative to say today. Lee left town for a couple of days, I am not feeling well and the kids are ruling the house like a couple of rabid monkeys. So, instead of trying to write something cute or witty, and doing a poor job of it, I’m just going to share a couple of pictures. Sorry, I know that’s a little boring. I’ll try to do better tomorrow. In the meatime, enjoy a few shots from our lovely time in Arkansas.
Landon just chillin’ with PapaTia playing outside with the boys. She’s the only girl, so when the boys take off their shirts because theiy’re hot – she does too.
My baby learned to crawl this weekend – life just got more complicated
Sloan, Eli and Sam decided to wash Bebe’s table with bubbles and water
Swimming at the neighbors
Pointing at the large grasshopper drowning in the pool
It’s hard to say who had more fun at the pool, the little kids…
…or the big ones



  1. Three Against One says

    Very cute, glad to hear that you all had fun. So exciting to see Landon crawling I remember both of the girls firsts like they were yesterday, cherish this even though he is mobile now.

  2. blessedpath says

    So cute! Maybe Landon’s chubster thighs will slim down from crawling(hopefully not too much though, they ARE scrumptious) Hope you are feeling better.