All about Katya

This post is all about my daughter. My beautiful, precious two year old who seems to have slammed full force into the terrible two’s in the last month. I was not prepared for this. So I’m taking a moment to focus on the positives. Sometimes it’s hard to see the good, you know? So here’s my Tia, the funny, the sweet, the good.

Tia is obsessed with The Best of Elmo video. It’s the only movie she will sit though so she watches it almost daily. I’ve grown slightly bitter at Elmo after seeing this video so many times. Sloan loved this when he was younger too, so I’ve seen it roughly 500 times, and that’s probably not an exaggeration. But, as you can see, she finds great joy in her ya-ya-ya (her name for Elmo). A few more translations so you can decipher Tia talk:

Ah sees: I want to see

Hol Yushi dooth: Sloan’s Russian school

Ah ee ah d yushi dooth: When I’m three I’ll go to Russian school

Ah do hol yushi dooth mama?: Will I go to Sloan’s russian school Mama?

It is truly like knowing another language trying to speak with her. We go back and forth as to whether or not we need to have some hearing tests done on her. I’m not 100% sure that she hears well. We’ve known for awhile that she’s got a lot of wax in her ears, but she freaks out if anyone tries to look into them. Seriously, kicking and screaming – it’s awful. So I’m waiting until she’s a little older, then I’ll make Lee take her to the doctor! The pictures are of Tia bathing her baby dolls. I got this idea from my friend, Erin, and Tia had a ball doing it. Plus, she spilled so much water on the floor that I ended up mopping, which gave me a nice clean floor. I swear, I have never once bathed any of my children like this – I just wanted to clarify.


  1. heresthediehl says

    Love how she gives the baby a bath…are you sure you don’t hold Landon by one arm under the faucet?? 🙂

  2. i hope you don't let tia help with bathtime for landon…!!! haha.
    and on the theme of made up languages – i tried to teach hudson a few signs to make communication easier, but he has decided the he prefers using his own words – "en-ga" for "i want that (usually to eat)" & "algune" for "i don't want that". he also has unbelievable amounts of ear wax. it looks like we never bathe him – neat.

  3. bugs and sunshine says

    love the video and your paint colors!

  4. I am starting to understand her a little more now. If I could only get her to call me Byshka, instead of Doo-D00. I really don’t want that name to stick. I think I may be forced to learn russian to keep up with my grandkids. (She shakes a mean boody like her Doo-Doo)

  5. Stuart Fam says

    I am loving the drown the baby picture. She can shake it like her mama…I remember Puerta Plata! Why does that vacation feel like 100 years and 3 kids (yours plus mine) later???

  6. Yeah! I’m glad y’all had fun bathing the babies! I like the no shirt method. We recently did it again (I think they’re still in the backyard airing out), and we went with the swimsuit this time. She’s a doll!

  7. Three Against One says

    Oh my gosh Claire loved Elmo too up until about a year ago and always wanted to watch the video Sesame Street Kid’s Favorite Songs! Lucky for me Paige hasn’t gotten to much into t.v. yet.
    Maybe now that Ms. Carol is working at the Rockwood Early Childhood Center Tia wouldn’t put up such a fight with Brooke’s mommy to get her hearing tested???

  8. The Original 2 Prices says

    Hey Kell!

    What a cute cute cute girl (no shortage in the personality department)! Please shoot me an e-mail when you get a chance ( I want to have your e-mail, so I can send you some info if you don’t mind.

    Staci P.

  9. j and w maertz says

    tia translations are hysterical. truly another language. 🙂