Eight Years

(forgive the picture of a picture – my resources are limited)

When Lee and I were engaged, I went on a service project to a run down nursing home in the heart of Waco. While there, I sat down and talked with a fascinating man named Abe. Abe’s wife had passed away just a few weeks earlier and for an hour he told me stories about their life together. Wonderful stories of a time when love seemed so real and tangible – of leaving for the war and kissing his bride one last time before departing; of summer days filled with reading out on their front lawn and driving around Lake Waco. His stories were endless and laced with longing to return to those carefree days, yet not filled with an ounce of regret over a life well lived and loved. Over the course of that hour, Abe told me countless times that he and his precious wife had been married for 60 years, 4 months and 22 days before she died. What a sweet time that was for me.

Later that day, I told Lee all about Abe. This was early on in our engagment and I was filled all sorts of romantic notions as I excitedly planned our wedding. About a week later, I went on a trip with my dad to Los Angelos and while there, I found the wedding band that I wanted to give Lee. My mind and heart soaring with giddy infatuation over my husband to be, I had the jeweler engrave on the inside of the ring, 60 yrs, 4 mths, 22 dys +…
Well, my husband and I are 8 years into that goal. And it’s been a wonderful eight years. Even though I laugh a little now at the cheesy-ness of that phrase, it’s still my hope that we are granted a long, blessed life together. Lee is my best friend, my confidant, the man that I truly look forward to spending the rest of my days with and I pray that for the next 52 years, 4 months and 22 days + we will enjoy one another’s company. He makes me laugh on a daily basis, he’s the most spectacular father and he’s more than I could have ever hoped for in a mate. I love you babe. Happy Anniversary.

(Here are the kids and I, the three greatest achievements of our marriage, with the flowers that Lee sent me for our anniversary today)


  1. blessedpath says

    That is the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard. How neat that you engraved that into Lees ring. The flowers are beautiful!! Congrats!! We leave in the am for Florida……Mike took Chase to the Dr. today….strep….lovely.

  2. heresthediehl says

    COngrats on your anniversary! And what a sweet story.

    Love you guys!

  3. Stuart Fam says

    Congrats! I still hate the fact that I have “working boobs” in all of your wedding pics…oh well! Hope you have a fun weekend with Lee there!

  4. the broomes says

    Happy Anniversary, guys!!!!! Praise God!!!! *Very cool story with Lee’s ring; I don’t think that I ever heard that.
    …I must say, however, that nothing tops your last post with Sloan’s new found word! Ha!!!! That’s some seriously funny stuff…:)

  5. Melissa (aka Kitty) says

    Congratulations. I’m so glad Lee remembered (you know what I mean)

  6. Three Against One says

    Congratulations, I love the story about the wedding ring. Whenever I am around the two of you I can see how much you love each other as you both are always laughing and smiling with each other.
    Time for you to come home, what did I tell you about getting too tan?