The weekend in vignettes

Friday morning: I pile the kids into the car and take them to Best Buy to get Lee the Tiger Woods Wii golf game. Taking three kids into Best Buy by yourself is not very fun. Of course, two seconds after we get in there, Tia has to go to the bathroom. I’m seriously questioning the potty training thing…Afterward we head to McDonalds for playgroup since it’s raining.

Friday afternoon: Lee is on the couch and Sloan says, “Oh Daddy, guess what? We got you a present today.” I quickly shush him and remind him it’s a secret. “I didn’t say it was a golf game,” he protests.

Later that day, we decide to go to the mall to let the kids play and get a bite to eat. I tell them to go to the bathroom before we leave. I hear them giggling in the bathroom and look in to see Tia sitting on the toilet peeing and Sloan standing in front of her, peeing in the toilet between her legs. That’s disgusting.

Saturday: Tia wakes up with pink eye, which I can only assume she picked up at McDonalds. I head to a blogger’s guild meeting (more on that later) and then pick up a prescription that the pediatrician calls in, thank God, because when I get home, Tia’s eye is swollen, very red and almost crusted shut. My doctor calls in a refill just in case one of the other kids gets it. I love her.

Saturday night: we go to the Chesterfield Aquatic Center, which is the greatest public swimming place I’ve found and I snap this picture of Landon. What a stud.
Incidentally, my baby is 6 months old today. Where does the time go? What a joy it’s been to have him these last 6 months – what a bigger joy it’s been to have him sleeping through the night this past month! Here is a picture of his mad sitting up skills!
Sunday morning: Sloan is in the shower and suddenly remembers that this is the day he can tell Lee what his present is. He comes running out naked and dripping wet and shouts, “Daddy we got you Tiger Woods golf! Can we play it?”

Sunday afternoon,:Lee wants Lion’s Choice for lunch. Not what I would pick, but whatever, it Father’s Day. Lee plays Wii golf all afternoon, until the US Open starts, at which point he parks himself on the couch and proceeds to whoop and holler at the TV all evening – taking a short break to go play a Volleyball game for a recreational league that he joined. Random, I know. My parents join us for dinner and watch with us as Tiger Woods manages to pull off a putt at the 18th hole to force Rocco Mediate into playing again today. After that ends, Lee flips over to the NBA championships to watch LA defeat the Celtics and force game 6. Eight years ago I would have known nothing about either of these events, nor would I have cared. Today, I’m excited to see who wins the US Open. That’s what love’s done to me.

It’s a beautiful night last night and we sit on the front porch for awhile. I go to bed and Lee falls asleep on the couch on our front porch. He wakes up at 3:00 am and comes to bed. All in all, it’s a good weekend.


  1. Two Lines On a Stick says

    Of all the places we could have gone for Father’s Day lunch, Jonathon chose Quizno’s… they must have gotten a “choose cheap fast food for lunch” memo that we missed out on.

  2. Melissa (aka Kitty) says

    Mike wanted Il Vicino in Clayton…Pizza. How many times a week does one need Pizza? I was proud to step out of the box and get a panini sandwich. Then regretfully, wished I was having pizza too.

  3. Wow, You guys had a busy weekend!

    Would have liked to have actually talk to you after the guild meeting. (I got out of there as fast as I could due to the pounding migraine I was having.) But next time, yes?

    And your kiddos are beautiful. So very sweet!

  4. blessedpath says

    Okay….the peeing thing gave me such a visual, I busted out laughing!!! Mom! YOU TOLD them BOTH to go!:) I’m gonna be a bit prideful right now…we went to the OUTBACK for lunch, yeah, that’s what I’m talkin bout! Happy Dad day to Me heehee. Mike felt sorry for me cause i had a migrane alllll wkend!

  5. Stuart Fam says

    Something about my boys peeing at the same time is not NEAR as gross!
    Lee and Volleyball?? What?

  6. Tiffany says

    HA HA HA! I can only imagine what people thought as they drove by your house all the hours leading up to 3:00 am seeing Lee asleep on the couch on the porch! I bet they thought he was in the dog house. That’s a hilarious visual picture!