The Truth is Hard to Find

A new issue has recently cropped up with Sloan, which isn’t really fair because we haven’t fully broken him of his other issues. One behavioral problem at a time please! But he’s recently discovered the art of lying. For instance, the other day, when I asked who brought the baseball bat in the house, he told me the wind blew it in. Nice try, but not true.

So last night, after Russian school, he came out with a very sour look on his face. When I asked him what was wrong, he said his teacher, Miss Katya, was “bad” to him. Apparently, she had to get on to him for some reason, but he would not tell me why. Sloan does not handle other grown ups telling him no very well. He gets very offended, which is good in the sense that it usually shapes him up pretty quickly. But bad in the sense that he makes such a big deal about it that whoever told him no feels terrible about it. This is what our coversation went like in the car on the way home:

Me: Sloan, what happened?
S: Miss Katya got mad at me.
Me: Why? What did you do?
S: I didn’t do anything!
Me: Honey, Miss Katya would not get mad at you for nothing. What happened?
S: Nothing!
Me: Were you not paying attention.
S: I was paying attention. I was listening and everything.
Me: Were you not trying to speak in russian?
S: Yes! I said all my russian words and even sang the songs.
Me: Sloan, something must have happened. I need you to tell me.
S: Nothing happened. She was just bad to me.
Me: Sloan, either you tell me what happened or I’m calling Miss Katya to ask her.
S: Well, you might get mad.
Me: I’m not going to get mad. I just need the truth.
S: Well, I didn’t do anything. I didn’t push anybody.
Me: Ohhh. Who did you push?
S: No one. Not Bolya.
Me: Why did you push Bolya?
S: I didn’t!
Me: Are you telling the truth?
S: No. I pushed Bolya. But it was an accident! I was just playing.

Anyway, it went on and on like the the whole way home. I finally got the story out that he was being a little too wild and pushed Bolya and made him fall down and Miss Katya got on to him to calm down. We went through the same song and dance when we got home too as he explained it to Lee. Lee and I finally told him that we were not mad at him, just disappointed that he was not paying attention in class and we wanted to know if he learned a lesson. His answer: “Yeah – don’t push so hard.” Hmmm…close. How about don’t push at all. Anyway, we also told him that he needs to be truthful with us and have trust in us. So we’re now working on learning to tell the truth. One more life lesson for the little man!


  1. that is funny 🙂 i can’t even imagine what in the world i will say when hudson starts that. please keep sharing, so i’ll know what to do!!! haha!
    ps – where do you get that tea?
    pps – i’m so glad other people have house & smell ish! we have a hole in our roof, too & have avoided fixing it for months ($$) & that’s where the cat incident came in. the cat is gone (we think!), but did leave behind a huge stain that leaked to our ceiling (probably pee). nice. & our room smells like something died in the attic above – so maybe the cat’s not gone! anyway, you’re not alone!!!!!!

  2. thedansbys says

    Kelli!!! I’m so glad you found me! Jon and I live in Fort Worth and he is the high school minister at Christ Chapel Bible Church. Where do you all live and what keeps you guys busy these days? Love, Amelia