Russian American School

One night a week, Sloan attends the Russian American school here in St. Louis. This is his second year at the school and I am just so proud of how well he is doing. He is by no means fluent in the language, but obviously that’s because he doesn’t hear it every day. I try to speak to him when I can, but my language skills are just not what they used to be. For those who don’t know, I minored in russian in college and have spent a fairly significant amount of time in Russian and Ukraine, both studying and travelling. The semester I studied there I was about 90% fluent. I would now put my flency at about 70%. I’m kind of like a dog. I understand pretty much all that’s said but I can’t speak that well. Anyway, when I found out a school was opening here in St. Louis, I though I’d enroll Sloan. He is doing great. He understands a lot – probably 70-75% of what they say, he can read short three-four letter words (he actually reads better in russian than in English because I work on it with him) and he knows a lot of songs. Tonight was their summer concert called Hello Summer! It was conducted in typical russian form – shove as many people into as tiny of a room you can and for two hours have different kids come up and do their thing. Super cute, but it was hotter than Hades in there so we left a little early. Sloan had a blast – Landon and Tia, not so much. The kids did little skits, recited poems and sang songs. Even Sloan’s teacher said at the end that she was so proud of how well he did. He is the only child in the whole program that doesn’t have at least one russian parent, so he’s at a major disadvantage. Anyway, here’s a couple of pictures. I got some cute video and tried to download it but blogger was being weird. Next week I’ll put it on YouTube and then post it so you can see his awesomeness! I’m off tomorrow to Branson for a girl’s weekend with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law. I’m looking forward to some R&R and retail therapy.

This is Sloan waving at us, which he did about 500 times that night. So cute.

The kid beside Sloan was annoyed because Sloan was clapping and apparently it wasn’t a clapping song. He lept shushing Sloan, but Sloan was like whatever man, I feel the rhythm!This is Katya trying hard to entertain herself.

At the end was a puppet show and Sloan was the main character. That’s the video I tried to post. It’s a long story, but they all had a little part to sing and Sloan got to destroy the house at the end. Right up his alley!


  1. bugs & sunshine says

    that was a laugh out loud post.

    sloan is so cute. i love that first picture, he looks so sweet!

  2. Stuart Fam says

    Schwvalta mi “elephant”, Schwvalta!! (That is way to go, Sloan!…in Russian!)

  3. Tiffany says

    that is so fun girl! i’m so proud of how well he is doing and for your braveness! thanks for sharing.