A different sort of date night

*update: A few have asked how we found out about this – We got a random email from someone we don’t even know that they were shooting in the area and needed extras. We applied and were accepted. Lee’s application words were something to the effect of, “ruggedly handsome man, 6’2″, athletic build. Has a beautiful wife who would love to be a part too if needed.” When I talked with the lady to confirm, she asked if I was the beautiful wife with the athletic husband. I hope they weren’t sadly disappointed when we walked up…
Last night, Lee and I dropped our kids off at my parents house and headed out for an evening away. This, however, would not be the ordinary, boring, gogetsomedinnerthenseeamovie type of date. Oh no. We had something much more interesting and random set up. We drove to the set of a low budget film (veeeeery low budget) shooting in the St. Louis area and for the evening, we were peasants in Rome circa A.D.411. The shoot started at 8:00 last night. It ended at 3:30 in the morning. We’re tired. Let me tell you a little about what it’s like to be a movie star.

We arrive to the park where the shoot is to take place. It’s in an area of St. Louis that I would classify as slightly scary. We drive all the way to the back of this park, which was beautiful, and pull into a river overlook with a large monument built in honor of Louis and Clark. It’s an impressive structure and becomes the focal point of the funeral scene which we will shoot. We immediately get fitted for our costumes. We are “upper class” peasants. I know, I found that description a little random myself. Lee’s costume was actually really cool. I wish I had a picture but we weren’t aloud to bring cameras. He looked quite authentic. He even got to carry a sword, which he thought was super cool. I, however, looked like the wicked witch from the West on crack. The clothes themselves were not horrible, but the wig they put on me was horrendous. They oooh’d and aaah’d about how cool I looked, but I didn’t buy it. I looked really frightening. Next was makeup – there wasn’t much needed. They just dabbed foundation all over us to make us look tan and dirty.

Anyway, we were dressed and ready by 8:30. We started the actual filming at 11:00. Whew. This movie business is tough. There were a lot of interesting characters there. Many who were self professed “actors” and took it very seriously. There were a few children, who impressed the socks off me. They had awesome attitudes and were angels throughout the whole thing. I got to thinking of bringing my own kids on a shoot like this and shuddered at the horror of it.

The confirmation of my awful hair came when the director was placing us in different spots and looked at me and said, “Your hair is suspicious.” I replied (in my best Monica Gellar voice) “I Know!” Alas, no one told me to take the monstrosity off my head, so I found a piece of wire and tied it back a little, crudly taming the beast. Sigh. Finally, after all night of shooting and reshooting the same scene over and over, they called that’s a wrap and Lee and I jetted home and fell exhausted into bed. All in all our acting debut was fairly fun. I mean, the two of us really rocked our roles. We were stellar. We were filming the funeral of the king and let me tell you, we will move you to tears. It was worthy of an Oscar. Now all we have to do is sit back with a cold drink and wait for Speilberg to call…should be aaaaaaany minute now…


  1. bugs & sunshine says

    That is the coolest thing! I thought you had hidden movie star talent. Didn’t want to tell you too soon to get your hopes up, but I always knew…

  2. Stuart Fam says

    If this new prospect is anything like the start of Eli’s modeling career, then I would tell Lee to keep his day job! You two get asked or get yourselves into the craziest things! It is FUN to know you!

  3. Having been one of your very early directors, I’ll anticipate being mentioned in the acceptance speech. Nicely done, both of you!!

  4. Three Against One says

    That sounds like fun, Cory would love to do something like that as he has always had an interest in film, me on the other hand 3am I just don’t know if I could hang in there that long. Can’t wait to see you both on the big screen and we can say we knew you when! Ha!

  5. blessedpath says

    how on EARTH did you hear about that and get involved? You guys DO get to do some interesting things as a couple, that’s so cool. I “modeled” once in HS – tennis outfits at Plaza Frontenac and at the club. Oh, and also when I was 6 yrs old I modeled a croched (SP) swimsuit of all things!

  6. Hyser Family says

    That is fun. I want to know how you heard about it too! 🙂 What a great memory…

  7. Melissa (aka Kitty) says

    have a glamour shot with you next time i see you. i want your autograph. sounds like this date was really interesting !!!

  8. blessedpath says

    Kelli, where are you????? Do you need a talkin to like Julie:)