A Baker, I Am Not

We’re having Sloan’s 5th birthday party today. His birthday is not for a couple of weeks still, but since we’re going to be out of town we’re throwing a party early. One thing that drives me nuts is my complete lack of ability to make a nice cake. Martha Stewart would probably melt into a puddle of bitter tears if she saw some of the dreadful concoctions I’ve made, including this one:

which is Sloan’s cake for today. Even with a super duper cute cake pan that bakes a giant cupcake, I still manage to come out with a lopsided mess. Oh well…it will taste good because I was smart and just went with good old Betty Crocker. I’ll update more later with pictures from the fire fighter birthday party!


  1. blessedpath says

    Oh, I think it’s adoreable!!!!! I could totally tell it was a giant cupcake. Love the cute fireman and firehydrant ! See you later, Brooke is SOOOOO excited!

  2. Can that be an inherited gene? You’ve seen the pictures of birthday cakes I made for you and Brett. Sad, sad, sad. That’s why they have bakeries, for people like us! And Sloan will love it. Yes, someday he will laugh and make snide remarks about it, like you did as a teenager, but today it will be the greatest cake ever. And you will be the bestest mom ever! Oh, I do love that boy.

  3. Three Against One says

    It looks yummy to me, sorry that we are going to miss it, make sure you tell Sloan Happy Birthday from all of us!

  4. Stuart Fam says

    Pretty cute!! Wish we could be there!

  5. Melissa (aka Kitty) says

    sorry we’re missing it. had an afternoon appt. that I just got back from. 🙁

  6. bugs & sunshine says

    oh it is completely cute! the kind that in 15 years you are going to be so happy to remember! my friend emily who is linked to my blog made the cutest flip flop cake-you bloggin’ friends are impressing me!