You never know what you’ll see at Walgreens!

Last night we had to make an emergency run to the Urgent Care for Sloan who was screaming with an ear ache. It was indeed an ear infection. After the doctor, we headed to Walgreens to fill the prescriptions. Poor Sloan was exhausted and in so much pain so I decided rather than go through the drive thru window, I would take him inside to fill the prescriptions, hoping that his “patheticness” would make them feel sorry for him and fill the prescriptions faster. That was a friggin’ stroke of genius! They had all three prescriptions filled in less than five minutes. All three pharmicists worked on it and got us in and out of there so fast. It was great! And Sloan really milked it. He laid across my lap half comatose, his feverish little eyes all pitiful and sad. I was so glad I did that.

This is only the third time I’ve actually set foot in Walgreens in the last six months. I usually just drive through the pharmacy if I have to. I think they are way overpriced so I never go there to buy stuff. But the last three times I have been in this particular Walgreens, something interesting has happened. The first time was in early December. Sloan and I ran in there to get a couple of things and while we were there, Jenna Fisher, the girl who plays Pam in The Office, walked in. I didn’t even know she was from here until I got home later and googled her. She went to Parkway – random. A couple of months ago I went in to grab some milk and a man dressed as a clown was standing at the register. I don’t know why he was at Walgreens, but he bought beef jerky, Coke and Tylenol. Again, random. Then, last night as Sloan and I were leaving, a little girl who had clearly just come from a gymnastics workout was tumbling down the isle. Seriously, she must have done four or five back handsprings in a row. She was very good actually! So anyway, if you guys are looking for an interesting experience, it appears that the Walgreens at Baxter and Clayton is a hoppin’ place.


  1. Kelli McGill says

    FYI-Jenna Fisher’s brother-in-law (maybe ex-brother-in-law) played Kirk on the Gilmore Girls. He too is from STL.

  2. Jenni Chism says

    Hey Kelli, I wrote something in my blog entry today that reflects what you wrote the other day about 3 kids. I noted something your way. Just wanted you to know I definitely identify!
    Jenni Chism

  3. i heart pam.

  4. bugs & sunshine says

    funny! did you know you can get free stuff from walgreens every month? they have something called the easy saver catalog at the front of the store, and each month there are new specials where you get a full rebate. look for them by the registers where the clowns check out.