Six Times the Chaos, er, I mean Fun!

Eric, Becke’, Cade, Eli and Sam came in this weekend. What fun it was to have them all here. Six kids = a lot of work. But lots of good times, sweet memories and precious moments watching the kids enjoy one another. They did great! We all spent the night at my parents house so we would have room to spread out. It worked out beautifully. The kids enjoyed playing together and driving us grown ups batty! We managed to take them all to the Zoo and Six Flags without losing anyone…or our patience. Well, we almost lost Tia for a brief moment. She’s not so good at looking ahead while she walks. She’s usually looking all around her, biting her nails, which means she tends to wander off. No matter because we ran back and got her. Don’t worry grandparents…it was all of 30 seconds of panic for us, not her. They had fun at Six Flags, despite horrible weather and a nasty storm. I think Landon is the only one who didn’t have loads of fun this weekend, but he went along with us just fine. He was a good boy. Anyway, it was a blast and we have lots of fun pictures to prove it. I’ll share a few here. For more, click over to Becke’s site!


  1. blessedpath says

    Sounds like you all had a great weekend. Wish I could have met Becke, maybe next time! Man… does Jon and Kate do it with their 8??? They are always going places with all of them in tow. I’m sure you all were overwhelmed with 6 at times, and there were 4 adults to help! Love all the pics. Tia and their youngest (CADE??) look sooo much alike!!