I’m an American Idol fan…

Sorry. I kind of say that shamefully, but I must say I’ve gotten sucked in over the years. This is the first year where I really watched consistently though because Sloan was so into it that it became our family night. Nothing says modern day family like sitting down with your kids, butts firmly tucked into the coushins (sp?) of your couch, hands covered in salt and grease from microwave popcorn and eyes swimming with the images of young, hip (that’s questionable) wannabe singers. Thank God for American Idol. Whatever did people do before? I am THRILLED with tonight’s result. Sorry to any Archuleta fans, but I was so over him. I liked him at first because there is no denying his adorableness. But somewhere along the way he started to rub me the wrong way. He’s like a cute little puppy that just won’t go away…the cuteness rubs off after awhile, you know? Anyway, the schmaltzy ballads were starting to really annoy me. Could the kid have been any more pigeon holed? Sheesh. But I liked David Cook. He’s cool and sweet, a great musician and, to be honest, he reminds me of my little brother so much. Something about his mannerisms and his smile…Brett would probably keel over in a gagging heap of horror if he knew I thought that. American Idol is not his idea of fantastic music. He’s one of those super music fans who knows anybody and everybody who ever sang every song ever created. And that may have been the most poorly constructed sentence I’ve written in a long time. Sorry. Anyway, I’m pretty sure Brett doesn’t read this blog, so I can say whatever I want! So, YAY David Cook. Sloan will be thrilled. He has liked David Cook from the beginning. I DVR’ed tonight so he could watch it tomorrow. Unfortunately our DVR is new (we’re just now entering the 21st century…it hurt to say goodbye to the VCR) and it cut off just as Ryan Seacrest said, “The winner of American Idol 2008 is…David…” And that was it!! A box popped up asking if I wanted to save this recording. Uh, yeah…but I also want to know who won the freakin’ show!!! I almost fainted. I had to call my mom to see who won. When I went back to rewatch the recording it did have Cook’s last name in it on the play back, then it cut off, so at least Sloan will be able to see his name announced. I’m so glad that show is over because I really hate being addicted to shows – there’s so much pressure to keep up. Well, except for LOST. I loooove being addicted to that show. I look forward to it coming on every week and I shall dearly miss it after next Thursday night. Anyway, I think I’ve revealed enough geekiness for one night. I’m off to bed because I’m tired. Go Cook!


  1. blessedpath says

    Okay…..My name is Carol and I’m a geek too!!! I actually yelled out when they announced the winner!! Chase thought i was crazy! It was exciting though, bc i was sure that the puppy would win. I thought D.cook would take it since the beginnig too,Sloan. Great minds think alike huh buddy! What will we do all summer now? hee-hee

  2. why be ashamed???! we were hooked, too! & we were also shocked & happy. archie was a sweet puppy for sure, but i think will be perfect on the disney channel until he matures a little. know what i mean?
    yaay for cook & i can’t wait for brooke white to make an album!

  3. Tiffany says

    YAY DAVID COOK! Ok…so glad to have a fellow tv fanatic. Last night, Jer and I had a TV marathon with the DVR. It was amazing…we watched tv until absolutely bleary eyed. I had a fat free fudge bar at midnight because I couldn’t take it anymore. We watched So You Think You Can Dance -our favorite show (we love it more than Idol…shhhhh) and then Grey’s Anatomy. We thought we would try for Lost too…but good thing that’s on next week. I am addicted to my tube….