Happy Birthday Mom…a few days late!

Don’t worry. I didn’t forget my mother’s birthday. I did actually wish her a happy birthday on Sunday, but I’m only now getting to post about it. I just wanted to say happy birthday to the most amazing mom in the world. My mom truly is spectacular. If I could only be half the mother she is, then I would consider myself doing well. She has modeled for me exactly what a mother should be. She has loved me unconditionally, supported me without wavering, been involved when needed and stepped back when necessary. My mom has become my dearest friend over the years as I’ve moved into adulthood and motherhood myself. I value her advice as if it were gold. My mom lives here in town and I admit I have become very spoiled by that. She is so helpful to me and is fantastic with my kids. If my mom was good at parenting, she excels at grandparenting. My kids adore her, especially Sloan. They have a special little connection. She’s so involved. She kept them all yesterday for me so I could get some things done. When I went to pick the kids up, she was outside playing with them. That is how she is. She gives 100% of herself without asking for anything in return. She always has.

Growing up, my mom was extremely involved in our everyday lives. She was a homeroom mom, on the PTA, Sunday school teacher and all around super mom. When I was in high school I remember getting annoyed by her constant presence. I realize now that she was just being smart. Because she was involved, she knew what was going on. It was hard to pull anything past her. That involvement saved me from making many poor choices. When I was 8 and Brett was 5, we lived in Wisconsin and we went skiing for the first time. After a morning in ski school, we were allowed to go up the big lift. Brett and I rode with the ski instructor and my parents rode up behind us. My mom was so concerned about us getting off the lift that she forgot to get off herself, so she jumped, fell and tore the cartiledge in her knee. She wore a brace for a long time and as far as I know, she never skiied again. That’s the kind of mom she is. She would do anything for us. I feel certain that if one of us needed her to walk to the ends of the earth, she would do it, without complaining. She has literally travelled the world to do things with us, going on band trips, to youth camps, traipsing through Ukraine with me in the dead of winter, sitting outside in the sweltering heat with Brett so he could hear his favorite bands play, and so much more. Mom, I love you dearly and am so grateful for you and all you do for me. You are the best! Enjoy Florida this week.


  1. Kelli – the position of grandparent is a wonderful one – and I know this first-hand. But I will tell you that seeing a post such as this one will tell your mother things that surpass her emotional ties to you and your family – and they will also remind her of the ways that God led her through the challenges of parenthood. Well done, girl, very well done!