A day in the life

By 5:00 every day, I am usually so thrilled to see Lee’s car turn into the driveway. Mostly because by about 3:30, my kids are tired of trying to entertain themselves and usually want me to play with them. So when daddy comes home, I leap for joy because the playmate is back and I can get a break (or semi-break since I usually have to start dinner then). Here are a few pictures of what happens when daddy comes home.

It all starts with a little tennis. Daddy and Sloan see how many times they can hit the ball back and forth.Next we move to the monkey bars where Sloan shows us how fast he can cross them all.by.him.self!Then we move to basketball where Sloan tries hard to keep up with daddy…We finish up with a little golf. Depending on the day, soccer or baseball can also be thrown into he mix…Generally Tia goes from looking like this before daddy comes home…To this because she is a huge daddy’s girl. She generally wanders around and plays intermittently with the boys. And Landon is usually taking his evening cat nap, which is why there are no pictures of him.

Sorry for all the black and white. I’m experimenting with my camera (thanks for the tips Becke’!) and I can’t seem to get away from the B&W. I need to branch out. Anyway, I’ve had a nice couple of days. Thanks for all the prayers and encouragement. Landon is finally doing better at night. As in he’s sleeping all night long, which is glorious. Sloan and Tia re doing better sharing a room. It still takes forever for them to fall asleep, but they end up sleeping a little later in the morning, which is nice. So all in all I think we are turning a corner!


  1. yaaaay for corners! so glad 🙂

  2. Stuart Fam says

    I love it when The Daddy walks in the door…it seems to make everything right again. Cute PICS!!

  3. Three Against One says

    I know exactly what you mean by the clock finally hitting 5pm and when I get the call that he is running late it is so hard to keep a cool head, they just don’t understand how much getting to that time means to us, oh yeah, I mean the kids. 🙂