He stumped me

Yesterday we were driving and listening to Selah, because I’m a Selah freak, and the song “It is Well with My Soul” came on. This is the conversation that Sloan and I had:

Sloan: “Hey Mom? What is a soul?”
Me: “It’s your spirit.”
Sloan: “Oh…What’s a spirit?”
Me: “Uhhh…It’s – the, uh, part of you that, ummm, con-connects with God.” (yes, it was that painful for me to figure out an answer to this question)
Sloan: “OOOHHHH. How does a spirit connect with God?”
Me: *sigh* “Well, your spirit wants to talk with God and sing praises to Him, so if you let it do that, then you connect with God.” I realize at this point I am treading the theological waters and beginning to sink.
Sloan: (thinks for a moment) “What does a spirit look like?”
Me: “Well-“
Sloan: “Hey look, it’s a car transporter!”
Me: “Yeah, look. How many cars does it have on it?” And this is where the conversation ends. *sigh of relief*

I will encourage Sloan to bring this topic back up with his daddy at some point.


  1. http://JILLIAN says

    I’ve had that conversation with Jonathan too. If it makes you feel any better, it didn’t go so well for me either. *sigh* They’ll get it when they’re older! Thank goodness for car transporters 🙂