Three Times the Love!Yeah, I’m cute. Go on…say it!
Tia in her first nightgown. She looks so big and so sweet!
Landon had ceral for the first time tonight and he was an awesome eater! The first time I gave Sloan cereal, he cried the whole time and spit most of it out. I honestly have no recollection of the first time I gave Tia cereal. That’s very sad. But Landon ate the whole bowl and I bet he swallowed 90% of it! He’s a cereal champ!
Here he is, trying to figure out exactly what I’m putting in his mouth!
Whatever it was, it was good!

Seriously…these are the cutest kids in the world!


  1. yay! thanks for the updated pics. everyone is so big!

  2. Stuart Fam says

    Tia looks so big in her braids picture! Landon is a whole lotta love…I can’t wait to get my hands on him!

  3. Definitely the cutest kids, as long as you add Jonathan to the list 🙂 I loved seeing the pics!

  4. the broomes says

    Look at those cutie pies!!! Go Landon…good job with the cereal, man!!!