We did it!

We pulled the trigger last night and put Landon in the room with Tia. The kids did great. I, however, did not fair so well. I woke up at 3:30 and laid awake all tense, just waiting for Landon to wake up. He slept until 4:50 though, so I laid awake awhile. I’ll have to get used to this. But I don’t think Tia even woke up when he did. I rushed in there and got him out before he could make too much noise. I didn’t quite have the courage to put him back in her room after feeding him so I just put him in the pack n play in our room. I’ll try that later when I am feeling braver, and when I haven’t been up half the night. Sheesh. But, this is just one more hurdle that we had to get over on the road back to normalcy. YAY!


  1. wow kelli! you give me hope that we can make it through more than one kid!!! we always thought we wanted at least 3 but then we had a serious moment when hud was about 2 months old where we said – wow, we never thought we’d have just one kid, but we can’t go through this again!!! it’s gotten much better – 10 months is a really fun age, but i’m still wary when i think about going through the newborn stage again & with a toddler???? you & lee are amazing!

    glad you guys had a good time in florida – we’re headed there this summer – just the 2 of us!

    ps – everytime we see a pic of sloan it’s totally mini-lee!!!

  2. yeah! your reaction time with him will probably be so quick in the middle of the night 🙂

    glad you’re back. cute pictures of the kids in florida!

  3. the broomes says

    Most of my friends who have kids Joshua and Anna Bell’s ages have already put them in the same room…I’m not that brave. Good job taking the big step into room sharing. Hope tonight is even better:)