The way I see it…

We’re leaving for the airport to fly to Florida in one hour! Whoop! (Did I just type whoop?!?) Since yesterday I’ve been cleaning and preparing like a mad woman. You see, there are only two things that truly motivate me to deep down clean my house. Having a party and going out of town. I hate leaving a dirty house. And the bigger and longer the trip, the deeper I clean. I have mopped, vaccuumed, cleaned bathrooms (including toilets and showers) and washed every item of laundry in this house. So, the way I see it is we just need to travel more so my house will stay this clean. I’m just sayin’…


  1. Jason Starbuck says

    I am right there with you Kelly! I clean like a mad woman every time we leave town even if it’s for a weekend.

  2. Stuart Fam says

    Post some beach pics while there so I can repent of my “coveting of your beach vacation” sin! Have fun!

  3. I can’t leave town with a dirty house either – it is SO NICE to come home to clean and calm. Have a blast in Florida!

  4. bugs & sunshine says

    Yes! More vacations!! For the kids health of course, so there is less dust to disturb them. I think I need to start serving my family in this capacity as well.

  5. the broomes says

    Hope ya’ll are having a wonderful time in FL…we hate that we’re missing you in STL. (I’m flying with the kids on Monday, we’ll be there til Saturday) …SO, I too, am frantically packing and cleaning:)

  6. hey stuarts! hope you guys have a wonderful time in florida – we’re jealous!!!
    thanks for your sweet comments about my baby creations! i just created a site to sell my stuff at & of course, i blogged about it 🙂 check it out & let me know what you think (you should have time now that your house is clean!! haha – i’m the same way about cleaning before you leave for a trip, too!).