My boy Sloan

On Friday, Sloan and I had an awesome time of just sitting on the couch together talking and laughing and reading the Bible. At one point I asked him if he make sure to never get too big to sit on my lap and give me kisses and hugs. “Okay, mom,” he said. “But when I’m 49 I might be too big.”

Well, I’ll take it.

Sitting there with him being all snuggly and cute made me want to document some things about him. This blog is kind of like my journal. I am printing off every month and storing it in a notebook so I’ll always remember these stories. So, let me tell you a little about Sloan.

He’s always been a really funny little kid. It took him forever to start talking, not quite as long as his sister, but close. But the words he said were really cute and random. He was big on making the sounds of things to let you know what they were. A firetruck was a Weeaw-weeaw. A bird was a tee-tee. When he wanted you to sit down, he’d point and say “ahs,” which sounded an awful lot like ass. We don’t know where it came from and were a little glad when he stopped doing that. For a long time he called my mom “House” because we always said we were going to byshka’s house. We were also glad when he stopped doing that.

Sloan is a very passionate and excitable little guy. One night, when he was about 2.5, we were driving and the moon was really big out his window. In his loudest voice he exclaimed, “Wow! Wook at da moon. It’s pitty (pretty).” We then turned a corner and the moon was in front of us. “Mommy wook,” he said pointing. “Two moons! Der’s two moons tonight.” Every time after that, whenever the moon was in a different window he got excited about another moon!

When he was three he was big enough to sing on stage with his class at church. They crowded the kids in groups around several mic’s. Sloan kind of looked from side to side at everyone, then stepped proudly in front of the microphone, put his mouth up on it and sang his little heart out. And he knew all the words. It was darling, and like a good, proud mama, I caught it on videotape. I may post it sometime…if I ever figure out how to do that. Sloan loves to sing and will do so loudly, even if he has no clue what the words are. It’s hysterical to hear how he interprets songs.

Sloan is very empathetic. He does not like to see people hurting or upset. Despite his orneriness (is that a word?) he really adores his sister and wants her to play with him at pretty much every moment. The other day, we were talking about how his Byshka (my mom) was in Florida so Boss (my dad) was all alone at home. “That’s so sad,” Sloan said. “What if a monster comes to his house. What will Boss do?” There are so many funny stories about Sloan it’s hard to keep them all straight. Mostly, I’m just so glad he’s mine. Even though he’s a bit sassy these days, sitting with him by the fire on Friday reminded me that he’s still my precious little boy and according to him, he will be until he turns 49.


  1. the broomes says

    So sweet, Kel. Mom talks all the time about how precious and smart and thoughtful Sloan is at school. I wish that Joshua got to play with Sloan more often–I think that they would really like each other:)

  2. Tiffany says

    I was just thinking the other night that my stories can never touch your Sloan stories with a ten-foot pole. He IS such a riot. A great negotiator and mediator too. What a funny child he is! We love all the Sloan stories and look forward to many, many more Stuart kid stories. I can’t wait for Sloan’s 49th birthday party. You’ll have to pull out this blog post and congratulate him on finally becoming too old for you. Wink, wink.
    love ya,

  3. Stuart Fam says

    Very sweet post…also a good idea to print off your blog! I may steal that idea! 🙂 Love you. Thanks for the sweet card!

  4. bugs & sunshine says

    That is so sweet!


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