Meet Cody the Snowman

I’m so freakin’ ready for winter to be over, it’s ridiculous. We got 9-10 inches of snow today. 9-10 INCHES!!! It was crazy. Never mind that it was 76 degrees on Sunday. The kids were itching to go out and play all day but it was snowing so hard that we had to wait until 4:00 before I felt brave enough to let them try it. I didn’t think Tia would like it since it was so deep, but she had a good time for about an hour before she was ready to come in. Lee built a lovely snowman. It’s not as good as our friend’s Mike and Melissa’s 7 foot snowman, but it was still a lovely little guy that Sloan affectionaltely named Cody. That was the name he wanted to give the baby but Lee and I gently nixed. It suits the snowman much better.

It’s been a wild couple of days around here. Tia has croup. It’s our first experience with croup. Croup sucks. I always thought of croup as being a barky cough, but Tia never had a cough. She just came out of her room Sunday night heaving and panicking, at which point Lee and I both panicked slightly. My first thought was that she was having some kind of allergic reaction to something and her throat was closing. Lee was ready to call 911, but calmed himself down enough to try the pediatrician exchange first. After taking her in Mon. morning (yep, one more co-pay!) I was told it was croup and to wait it out. Poor baby. She sounds awful, like a little old man. Actually, it’s a little cute. I videtaped her talking today because her voice is so hoarse. Lee ended up having to drive to Mt. Vernon, IL tonight because he’s got an early procedure in the morning so I’m manning it alone, which could be interesting given Tia’s health and the fact that Landon also has a cold. But, drumroll please, he did sleep all night last night! He slept sitting up in his car seat in front of a humidifier. You better believe we’re gonna do that again tonight! Let’s keep our fingers crossed!


  1. Melissa (aka Kitty) says:

    I’ll have to show MIke. We didn’t even bother having fun in the snow this time. We’re over it.

  2. JILLIAN says:

    I love the snowman! Jonathan has had croup at least three times, and it is awful. I will be praying for Tia. Can’t wait to see you in, what, like 3 weeks? Whoohoo!!!