Locks of Love

I went all Hollywood today and decided it was time for a major hair change. Well, in actuality, I wasn’t looking for this major, but the stylist told me I had enough hair to donate to locks of love and I thought that might be a fun little thing to do, so off went my ponytail! She cut 12 inches off! EEK! Well, at that point, I figured we might as well just keep going, so I told her to put in some fun layers. Ummm…she took me rather to the extreme. She kind of stacked it in the back. Not my favorite, but whatever, it’ll grow back. Then, I decided to have her color it a little blonder, only something happened and it ended up turning kind of a strawberry color. I’m going to give it the weekend to see if I like it and if not, I’ll go back next week and have her fix it. I’m going to San Antonio this weekend with some girlfriends for college so I’m sure I’ll get a couple of pics and I’ll post one. We do this every year. We call it rendezvous, although this year I am lovingly referring to it as my “absence makes the heart grow fonder” trip. There’s nothing like a few days away to make you really miss your kids, ya know?


  1. It is so neat that you donated your hair to locks of love. I can’t wait to see your new hair do this weekend in SA!!!

  2. WHAT?!?!? I can’t wait to see it!

  3. Jason Starbuck says

    Thankfully you didn’t go Briteny Spears on us and SHAVE it all off!

  4. bugs & sunshine says

    how fun! that is really funny, just yesterday i went to the locks of love website to see the requirements on donating hair because i’m ready to get mine cut. i can’t donate mine because it has been bleached. can’t wait to see your pictures!

  5. the broomes says

    How fun!!! Do you remember when I used to be so brave (or really stupid) with hair cuts?!!? I’m a chicken now- I rarely get more than a few inches cut off. I can’t wait to see pictures of your new look! Have a great weekend! (Yes…I totally think that AB looks like my mom- isn’t it weird?!)

  6. can’t wait to see a picture of your sassy new do!