Gettin’ Along

For those of you that have spent time around my kids recently, you know that while they do love one another, they fight like cats and dogs. Literally, they make each other bleed! So this morning when they were playing in the basement and I heard them laughing and giggling for a good fifteen minutes without any screams, tears or fights, I had to peek and see what was up. This is what I found them doing. They were having a ball.


  1. Stuart Fam says

    Cute! Way to work the shutter speed!

  2. Jason Starbuck says

    Kelli, you have funny letters on your wall… Seriously, that is ultra-cool though. Is you all’s basement unfinished, but finished? We have a similiar set up down stairs and I can imagine that painting the ceiling white would uber brighten the room, eh?

  3. the broomes says

    okay…I think that we both have children that lack fear (and maybe a little bit of sense!:)) Look at how high Sloan and Tia are off the ground! So fun!!!

  4. bugs & sunshine says

    oh my goodness, i have basement envy. i’m not proud of it and i’ve never experienced it before. :0! i have to go repent now! `

  5. That is the coolest basement I have ever seen!!!