Umbrella’s in Heaven

There are many things I love about St. Louis. The free Zoo. The pretty scenery. The Arch. The fact that there are parks on nearly every corner and there are so many free things to do for families. What do I not love about St. Louis. The freakin’ weather! We get a conglomeration of all the crappy weather from around the country. Case in point, the flash blizzard that sprung up on Monday morning. At breakfast, the sun was shining and the air was bitter cold. At 8:10, I look outside and literally it was a white out. Snow was flying everywhere. I’ve never seen anything like it. The wind was whipping and little tornadoes of snow flakes swirled around our house. After about 15 minutes it stopped and the sun came back out. It was then that we discovered that our umbrella was missing off our back porch. Sloan was very concerned about this and wanted me to go out and look for it. I matter of factly informed him that I do not go traipsing about in 20 degree weather. He wanted to know what traipsing meant…Anyway, when we left later, I did scan our backyard and our neighbors backyards for the missing umbrella and it was nowhere to be seen. As we pulled out of the driveway, Sloan came up with the solution. “I guess it flew up to heaven,” he said with a shrug of his shoulders. “Why would an umbrella go up to heaven?” I asked. “Well,” Sloan replied, “God just needed to protect his head.” And with that satisfactory answer, we went on our way, though I must admit I was still perplexed about that actual whereabouts of that umbrella. Later that day, however, my neighbor solved the mystery when she emailed me and said, “Hey did you know you have an umbrella on your roof?” Ah ha! I walked outside to the other side of the house and low and behold there was the missing umbrella. When I told Sloan later that it was on the roof he furrowed his brow up at me. “Oh. Well, I guess God was all done with it and just threw it back down on our house,” he said. And because we’re hoosier and it’s cold outside, the umbrella is still sitting up there because Lee doesn’t want to climb up and get it.


  1. I, also, could not believe the “flash blizzard” on Monday morning. I have never seen anything like it. And then, to have the snow melted by 11 am! Loved Sloan’s umbrella explanation. He’s always thinking!

  2. blessedpath says

    Dear Ms Stuart, As a trustee of the White Tree Subdivision, I am obligated to inform you that you indeed are a hoosier and could you please remove the unsightly umbrella from YOUR ROOF!!!!! OHHHHH I couldn’t resist Kelli. I am just kidding and am also glad that WE are not the only hoosiers in the neighborhood. I can safely say that it would still be on our roof too!! Let Mike know if Lee needs someone to hold the ladder when the time is right!