Ode to McDonalds

Oh McDonald’s, you’re so grand
Your food is oh so good-oh
I can find you anywhere
From Rodeo to the hood-oh

How I love your value meals
I get them super size-oh
Because I just can’t get enough
Of your greasy fries-oh

My darling children go crazy
When they see your golden arch-oh
Their wild screams pierce the air
As I drive the car-oh

How they love your Happy Meals
With the cheapy toy-oh
Apple dippers, Chocolate milk
One for girl and boy-oh

Yes I love you fast food joint
You’re easy and you’re fast-oh
And now it’s even easier
‘Cause I don’t need no cash-oh

Then there is the Playplace
Where my shoes, they always stick-oh
But that place stinks ’cause when we leave
My kids are always sick-OH!


  1. Melissa (aka Kitty) says


  2. LOVE IT! And oh, I hate the Playplace. I just picture it crawling with germs. Yuck.