I don’t know why I titled this speechless, since I’m obviously not, but I just wanted to let everyone know about a friend of mine that takes pictures and she is AMAZING!!! Her name is Tarah Craft and you can view her work at http://www.inthebeginningphoto.com/. She took Tia’s 1 year shots and she took newborn shots of Landon and our family. I just looked at the proofs and, oh my goodness, they are amazing. I’ve been sitting here with tears in my eyes for 20 minutes watching the slideshow and wondering how on earth I’m going to narrow them down to stay in my budget. If you go into her site and click on Previews, enter the password “kstuart” and you can see the shots she took of us. She even managed to get a couple of great shots of Tia who was being a total pill that day and wanted nothing to do with having her picture made. Tarah, you are amazing! Thank you so much. You captured my children perfectly!


  1. Stuart Fam says

    I just viewed those pics. They are precious. I am pulling my hair out because I haven’t gotten my hands on my new nephew yet. Can you say “jealousy” because Herb and Barbara are headed up there without me!?!

  2. Melissa (aka Kitty) says

    glad you didn’t go back to stephen, even though he was really good for you. awesome. will use her next time. maybe i should hire her to take photos of petey just in case i lose him again.

  3. Kelly those are wonderful…I am just so happy for you guys and I love that you are blogging!

  4. Kelly I have been visiting your blog ever since I discovered it on Wendy’s blog. I really enjoy it. You are a witty writer. I eagerly viewed your photos and loved them! Thanks for sharing.
    Alison Post