I feel like an idiot

So we made our first trip to the ER for the year 2008. Awesome. We’re eating dinner tonight and Lee looks down at Landon and notices that he looks a little pale. A little? He looks like Casper with red hair! So, we both have a minor moment of panic. Lee picks him up and walks him around a little and the color returns to his face, but his hands are still pretty transluscent so we make the necessary all to the doctor. After describing the symptoms, the on call nurse recommends we go to the ER so we pack up our wheezing baby and head back out into the subzero night, this time driving through spitting snow. I hate winter…
Anyway – we get to the ER at Missouri Baptist, (which is a great place by the way, I highly recommend it) and they take his vitals. First, they tell us the kid weighs
10 lbs. 9 oz., which I’m not sure I believe since he hasn’t eaten more than two ounces at a time for four days now but whatever. Then they check his lungs. Was he wheezing? NO! The kid had nary a cough or rattle. We’re starting to feel foolish but we go with it. Then they put us in a room where they take his vitals yet again – he’s still fine. He’s even breathing through his nose, which he’s done little of these past few days. We feel even more foolish. When the doctor came in I found myelf sending out telepathic signals. Cough, Landon. Show them how sick you really are. It seems to work for a moment as he lets out a nasty, chesty wet cough and I feel momentarily vindicated. See, he is sick. But then he stops coughing and again starts breathing through his nose. They must hate people like us! Anyway, it is a praise because he tested negative for RSV and everything else looked fine, other than minor congestion, a nasty cough and a goopy eye. So, $75.00 later they tell us what we already knew…he has a bad cold. As we drive home, I swear I hear him giggling in the backseat. That’s right, my dear sweet boy. You made us look foolish. But, we will sleep better tonight knowing you’re well so I guess it wasn’t all that bad!


  1. Stuart Fam says

    Those little third-borns just like to get a little special attention now and then. I am so glad he is OK!! Becke’

  2. Hyser Family says

    Bethany forwarded me your blog! I’ve had fun reading it. Sorry to say — there are colds in Florida. Despite the wonderful warm temperatures down here, Kaiya and I managed to get one. 🙂 Maybe they don’t last as long down here… I can only hope.