I did it!

This morning I cleared a huge hurdle…I got all three kids up, fed and ready to go in time to take Sloan to school. I then went to the gym and walked with Landon in the Baby Bjorn for 30 minutes, then took Tia and Landon to the mall so she could play until it was time to pick Sloan up. I got them all home and fed them and got them all down for naps. Who said three kids were tough?! I did all of that and only lost my patience one time (if Sloan asked me again if he was putting his shoes on the right feet, I thought I would scream. Just put them on!!!) So, this is just me, publicly patting myself on the back. I survived! YEAH!


  1. blessedpath says

    Hey Kelli! Yeah!!! Sorry I made you have to even go through that this morning, but it sounds like you shined!!!Brooke of course has not been sick all day, but just in case. Good job – and I would have lost my patience more than once!!

  2. yeah! this is a big accomplishment 🙂

  3. I love the way you cherish your family. They are such a gift, every last one of them. I’m amazed with you at your awesome ability to mother, nurture, and love 3 kids! I’m so glad God gave you such a great sense of humor – I’m sure it helps you through those tough moments – like Sloan putting his shoes on 🙂

  4. Stuart Fam says

    You did great! Better than my first time to take Cade to school with all 3 in tow. I thought I was doing good to have us out the door on time, the problem was, the keys were still inside, all locked tidily up! Eric was out of town, so praise God for Herb and Barbara who rescued me. I am thinking we probably weren’t on time for school that day!