Daddy out of town, Day 1

5:00am – Lee gets up and gets ready to leave for Michigan for the week. Landon also gets up and decides that he doesn’t want to go back to sleep so instead he grunts and groans for an hour and a half.
6:00am – I am near tears as I look at my six week old son who is in desperate need of a good poop. I curse my lack of milk production which requires my kid to try and digest formula.
6:30am – Sloan and Tia both wake up and I bite my tongue not to scream a curse word. They both went to bed at 10:00 the night before because we had a party, are you freakin’ kidding me??!?!
7:00am – I reluctantly drag myself out of bed (Landon finally fell asleep…of course) and get up and make the kids breakfast, then stick a movie in and curl up by the fire. We can’t go to church because Tia has another cold…awesome.
8:30am – Tia, who has only been watching the movie for about 15 minutes, drops a carton of eggs that I carelessly left on the counter on the floor. I again bite my tongue and clean up the mess.
9:00am – Landon is screaming. Seriously, he needs to poop. I give him apple juice. It doesn’t help.
10:00am – I bundle the kids up and plop them in the car for a drive to Target to buy suppositories for my now inconsolable child. Landon screams most of the time we’re in Target. But Sloan and Tia are extremely well behaved because I bribe them with a piece of gum when we leave the store. Score one for mommy.
10:53am – I insert suppository.
10:54am – I pray to God that this works so I never have to do it again.
10:55am – I curse my lack of milk once more.
10:56am – Landon finally poops. Hallelujah!
10:57am – He’s still pooping.
10:58am – Still pooping…
10:59am – yep…
11:00am – put a fresh diaper on him and lay him down. He promptly begins screaming. I calmly close the door and turn a deaf ear. I check on the other two who are outside. They’ve got hammers and are massacreing (sp?) the tree in the back yard. I turn a blind eye and make lunch.
1:00pm – I finally have everyone down for naps. Wait…nope, Landon’s awake again. No nap for mommy.
2:30pm – I reluctantly wake Sloan up because I know if I don’t he’ll never go back to sleep tonight. We sit down to work on his russian, something he’s not happy about. Ten minutes into our lesson (we try and work on it 20 minutes a day) he says, “I don’t want to do this anymore. I want to talk in real.”
6:00pm – After a relatively mild afternoon of playing outside, we leave for the Magic House for a fundraiser for Sloan’s school. My good friend Kara helps and praise God. I would have lost one of the children without the help. The Magic House was great fun, except Landon cried most of the time. It was hot and loud. But the other two had a ball.
9:58pm – Everyone is asleep and mommy should be too. But instead she is typing a silly post on her blog. Stupid, stupid mommy…


  1. Stuart Fam says

    Kelli, I am so sorry! I want to cry for you because it sounds like dejavu to me! Eric is OOT, too. I sure wish we lived close to each other so we could help each other out! I am praying for your sanity!

  2. I told you those suppositories would work…gross, but they work. I just cursed my lack of milk production yesterday!

    It was humorous to read about your day, though I’m sure experiencing it wasn’t so great. LOVED Sloan’s “talk in real” quote! Hope today is better…

  3. AMEN! How did you get in my house? Jeremy has been gone for 5 days now….I have 2 days to go. It’s not fair, I know-I only have one child. But my car wouldn’t start and my washer and dryer are both broken. I ate a big spoonful of peanut butter and tried not to cry as I stared into the pantry.