Bandwagon here I come!!!

So, I must admit I’ve never fully understood the concept of blogging. Is it a journal? Is it a brag site? What am I supposed to do here? But, I must admit, I’ve become intrigued after reading the blogs of several friends and so here I go…I’m jumping on the blog bandwagon. I like the idea of family and friends being able to access our crazy world and take a peek into our life. The kids are growing so fast and changing everyday. I’m afraid if I don’t start documenting it, then I will forget and these days will be lost forever.

So I guess I’ll just dive right in…Things are crazy here. Three kids is definately intense. Of course they are each precious and wonderful, but they will wear you out. Lee was out of town for five days – he just got home today. Why is it that he always has to go to national sales meetings just days after we have a baby? I did survive the time, but only thanks to my mom. Had she not been here, either I or one of the children may not have made it! Of course as soon as he left Sloan got sick, which meant we were pretty much house bound. With Sloan sick and not sleeping well, and Landon not sleeply hardly at all, it was crazy. My mom ended up pulling a couple of all nighters so that I could rest, bless her heart. All in all, though, I was pretty darn proud of myself for making it through this week. But I am beyond relieved that Lee is now home. Life is much easier when daddy is around.

Tia has decided to start trying to talk this week! Since she’ll be 2 in a couple of weeks, it’s about time! But I think in the last few days she has added four words to her very limited vocabulary! She also decided that today would be the day that she starts climbing out of her crib. All of the sudden I heard a knocking on her door this afternoon and there she stood, lovies in hand, grinning proudly – little stinker. I was not ready for this and am praying that it doesn’t become a problem. She’s my good sleeper so I don’t want anything to affect that! We’ll see what happens. I’m not ready to switch her to a big girl bed!

Landon is precious, but he is not a good sleeper. I think he’s got stomach issues. He is so loud at night. He grunts and groans like he’s going to explode. It’s really astounding the sounds that he can make. I keep reminding myself that he is only three weeks old and I can’t expect too much. So we’re hanging in there. It’s a season and it’s short, though right now it seems so long.

And then there’s Sloan who is four and a half and is full of it! He is so funny and fun…and sassy. As I was typing this very sentence, he came running out of his bedroom (he’s supposed to be asleep) to tell me a story abouta dinosaur that came out of a volcano and stepped on all the cars. This is his favorite story to tell. I hear it daily..multiple times. He loves preschool and has been so bummed the last couple of days to not be able to go. He told me this morning that if I let him go to school he promised not to breath on anyone. He then pursed his lips together to show me how he wouldn’t cough or sneeze. But he couldn’t breathe through his nose and had to open his mouth to catch a breath. Hopefully tomorrow he can go!

So this is it. My first blog. It wasn’t so bad…We’ll see if I can keep up with it!


  1. Alexandra says

    Kelly Your Family is great.
    Good Job

  2. Hey girl! Thanks for sharing your blog! I have one too that is set on private. I’ll send you an invitation if you’d like to read it. I think blogging is like sending out an email with pictures, only you only have to type it once! Plus the benefits of having a little document of the kids growing up is invaluable. So blog on! I hope Sloan gets well and you get some sleep 🙂 Love, Jilli

  3. blessedpath says

    Hey Kelli, What a fun idea!! I love reading about daily life stuff. It helps to know we all experience the same trials as we go through the journey of life!! Looking forward to more, maybe I’ll start one too, Love, Carol (your friend and neighbor)


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