Catch me at (in)courage today!

I love the (in)courage website.  Love it, love it, love it.  I think the women there are amazing and gifted and talented and none of them know that they are my secret BFF’s.

I had a conversation with Tia on our last trip to Florida that really struck me and I wanted to share it with others so I decided to submit it to the lovely ladies of (in)courage.  I am humbled and honored and baffled and thrilled to have been given the honor to share my words with their readers.  And with you!  You can find me over there today and I truly, deeply hope you are as blessed by this post as I was when writing it!

“Look at this, Mom!”

She rises out of the water, her mask pressed tight around her tiny face. Holding up her treasure, I examine it closely.

“That’s a beautiful shell,” I tell her, taking it delicately in my hand. It is perfect and smooth – completely unblemished. “Would you like me to hold it for you while you dive for more?”

She thinks for a moment, her five year old brain contemplating this offer. “Nah,” she says after a brief pause. She grabs it out of my hand and tosses it back into the waiting ocean where it’s immediately swallowed by the salty water. Taking a deep breath, she plunges yet again.

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