The Jenkins Family

I’m delayed getting this up, but wanted to finish out Missions Week with this family.

JenkinsDan and Sue Jenkins, along with their three children, will head to Costa Rica in the next couple of months to serve as permanent missionaries.  Rather than try to sum up what they’re going to do, I’m going to let Sue tell you herself.

What will you and Dan be doing in Costa Rica?
Dan will establish a micro-enterprise development program for ReachGlobal in Costa Rica.  Micro-enterprise development is a way of assisting impoverished peoples through small business development; business counsel/consulting; new market development; product assessment; connections to training and micro-loans (very small loans of $50, $100, etc.) that will enhance business performance and increase productivity and income.  The idea is to provide people with a dignified and esteem-building path out of poverty–a means to better provide essentials (food, clothing, shelter, schooling) to one’s family.
What called you to Costa Rica in the first place?
When we applied to ReachGlobal, we were open to God’s leading, but felt a particular call to Latin America, broadly.  ReachGlobal selected Costa Rica, based on a number of factors:  ease of transition; centrally located to the countries in which ReachGlobal is serving in Latin America (Brazil, Honduras, Peru, Costa Rica, Mexico, and Venezuela); the regional director is serving in the same country (so Dan can work closely with him to develop the program); safety; etc.
What specific roles will you be playing, Sue?  What roles will Dan be playing (i.e. what are each of you focusing on primarily in your work down there?)
Dan, I explained above.  To add to it, however, he will be working alongside pastors and lay people in the congregations as a focus group to begin the program.  We hope in doing so to bolster the finances of the congregations and better equip them to reach out with the Gospel message.
I will wear a number of hats:  assisting with the public relations/communications of the region (by this I mean the Latin American countries in which ReachGlobal is serving); administrative duties relating to the micro-enterprise development program; donor relations & newsletter writing for our “ministry team” (i.e., Dan and I); and getting involved in a local church in children’s and/or women’s ministries.
What are specific prayer needs that you have at this moment?
Wisdom, strength & courage as we begin a brand new program for ReachGlobal.  Our initial year on the field will be spent researching and developing the micro-enterprise development program while we attend language school.
Grace & peace as we adjust to a new city, home and culture.
Funding.  We are encouraged, despite the economy, that people have been generous with their giving.  God has blessed us with a significant portion of our needed funding; however, we have to raise the remainder of our budgets prior to our departure.  (Our departure date is contingent upon this happening.)
What ways can people be involved in your work in Costa Rica?
1.  Joining our support team (prayer, financial and “care” teams)
2.  Telling others about our organization and what we hope to accomplish
3.  Making us aware of interest (individual or church group) in short-term mission trips (we can help people get connected in this way)

When do you hope to move to Costa Rica permenantly?

We hope to move to Costa Rica by late September, but anticipate possibly needing more time than that to complete our fundraising.  Fall 2009 is a good, generic answer.

If you are interested in learning of more ways that you can participate with Dan and Sue as they begin this journey, please visit their blog for more information and to contact them personally.  You can also read more about them here.

It has been so much fun focusing on the ways that God’s people are reaching out to the world this week.  I have enjoyed this process very much.  I will be adding a new page up top with links to all of these posts so that you, and others, can be reminded of the need to pray and support those who are living in the trenches of the mission field.

There are so many others who I want to dicuss and feature – I will likely being hosting another Missions Week early next year and will try to make this a frequent occurance.

May you all have a blessed weekend.