Remember when I said…

That I wouldn’t sleep this week, but would just power through until next week?  Yeah, what was I thinking?

I was up until 1:00 last night writing up this post.  There are some fascinating things happening in the world right now and Twitter is capturing all of it in real time.  (Go to Twitterfall and type in #iranelection.  Updates will automatically pour in without need to refresh.  So cool.)  Who needs the news when you can get up to the minute accounts from people who are actually in the line of fire?

This was the most journalistic post I’ve written since I began blogging and, I’ve got to say, it was a lot of fun.  But, it also reminded me why I did not major in journalism in college because the stress, Oy! 

I also had to complete a review for 5 Minutes for Mom, which should be posted in the next week or so.  Can I just say that I love writing?  Like, I really, really love it.  I always knew I liked it (heck, I’ve made a profession out of it) but the doors that are opening up through blogging are so exciting.

For the first time since becoming a mom nearly six years ago, I feel like I have something that is mine.  I’m interacting with people that don’t know me as Kelli the mom, but as Kelli the writer.  It feels good.  I feel energized and excited.

I also feel tired, though, so I’m going to turn off the computer, fold a load of laundry and take a nap while I have the chance.  Or maybe I’ll skip the laundry and just take the nap…Yeah, that sounds like more fun. 

Oh, and to the person who found me via Google by typing in the phrase “firm bottom wife tube”-Ummmmmm…did you get what you needed?  Yikes.