Cherishing Family

My wonderful sister-in-law, Becke’, tagged me to write about why I cherish my family. So here it is:
1. I adore my husband. I think he’s hilarious. He truly makes me laugh all the time. He’s funny when he’s not trying to be. We always tell each other what geeks we are, and it’s true. We’re dweebs. But we make each other laugh despite that fact.

2. Lee’s a great dad. He is so involved with the kids. He is always willing to give me some time off, to let me go out with friends or just get out if I need a break. He doesn’t put any guilt on me for leaving him with the kids. I love that. He takes on a lot of responsibilities around that house, which I am so grateful for – especially now! He wrestles ith the kids and plays with them and they truly adore their daddy.

3. Lee loves the Lord. On eof the things that I’ve alwasy admired about him is his knowledge of the scriptures. He knows the Bible and can defend his faith. He desires to lead our family spiritually and prays with and for the kids and me faithfully. He really is the leader of this home and I’m grateful for that!

4. Lee is a great businessman. When we met and got engaged, he was a youth minister and that was how I saw him. After we got married and he entered the business world, I was astounded at what a good businessman he was, and I’m still amazed. He is wise and confident and makes good decisions. He’s not afraid to take risks (even though that goes against his nature). He is the physical provider for our family as well. He’s awesome!

1. I love Sloan’s personality. He’s so funny and fun. He’s outgoing and from the time he was a baby has never met a stranger. He’s always ready to make a new friend. He loves people and is so sweet.

2. Sloan loves to be a helper. He loves to clean the bathroom for me (which consists of nothing more than shoving everything off the counter into the drawer) and is so proud of himself when he does it. He knows he’s helping me and that brings him great joy. I love that about him.

3. Sloan is just funny. He says funny things and does funny things. He is a mimic, like his mama, and can do funny voices and funny dances. It’s so fun to watch him grow and develop with each passing day.

1. I truly never expected to have a little girl and would have been perfectly content with all boys, but oh how I cherish this little girl! I adore her precious little face with her big eyes and chubby cheeks. I am madly in love with her.

2. Tia is developing into a little character like her brother. I love to watch her follow him around and mimic him (I kow it drives poor Sloan crazy though). She literally does everything that he does, almost exactly as he does it. It’s hilarious.

3. Tia is very sweet natured. She does not like to see people upset or crying. She is a snuggler and hugger. I love watching her interact with Lee. She snuggles up on his lap and I can see him turn to mush. I love watching her become more motherly with her baby dolls. It’s so sweet.

I don’t know much about Landon yet. But I kow I’m in love with him. I love the way he turns his face into my neck when I’m holding him so that his chubby little cheek is right up against mine. I love how he looks up at me with his big sweet eyes while I feed him. I love they way he is moving his little mouth around, trying to figure out how to stretch it into a smile. I’m excited to see what his personality will be like.

So that is my precious family. They are all unique and darling and I feel blessed beyond measure to have each one of them!