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(Nearly) Wordless Wednesday

After a long day of swimming in the ocean...

After a long day of swimming in the ocean...

playing in the hot sun...

playing in the hot sun...


and making a sandy mess...

and making a sandy mess...

this tired mommy needed a margarita!

this tired mommy needed a margarita!

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Week One in Pictures

We’re having a great time here in the Sunshine State.  I’m already exhausted.  Here are a few pictures of our week so far.  This is a small glimpse of what we’ve been up to.  We’ve had a ball.  You photographers out there – if you have ANY idea why my pictures are turning out so fuzzy, I would LOVE some help because I’m getting frustrated. 

We have one more week of fun in the sun then it’s back to life (sing it with me) back to reality…

Six Years

Six years ago at this very moment, I became a mommy. 

Six years ago at this very moment suddenly my life wasn’t about me any more.

Six years ago at this very moment I was in the worst pain of my life. But it was quickly followed by the biggest surge of joy I’ve ever known.

Six years ago at this moment, I was baffled, flabbergasted, nervous and excited all at the same time.

Six years ago at this time, I knew exactly what to do even though I had no idea what I was doing.

Six years ago at this exact moment, Sloan was born.

It was 6:21 am on a Thursday morning.  It was crazy and hectic as nurses scrambled to accomodate my extremely fast labor.  The house doctor was coaching me since my doctor didn’t make it in time. 

And out he came out, a wriggly, chubby little man with a head full of white blonde fuzz.  And we fell in love immediately.

Fast forward six years.  Sloan is a joy.  He’s smart, he’s funny, he’s friendly and he’s loving.  He loves people and needs companionship as much as he needs oxygen.  I can’t imagine life without Sloan.  In fact, it’s hard to remember life without him.


You are my first born.  You’re the one who made me a mommy.  You make me laugh every day.  You are a good, good little boy and it’s a joy to call you my son. 

Today you get to become a pirate for the day.  That’s your gift from us.  You told me yesterday that instead of taking a pirate cruise, you wish that we could find a Star Wars ship and fly into the galaxy.  I told you that maybe when you turn 12 we’ll be able to find a Star Wars ship to fly in.

I hope you grow out of your Star Wars obsession by then otherwise you will be sorely disappointed.

Since you were born, you have been the most loving, outgoing ,verbal little boy.  It’s been a challenge for me as my first inclination is not to say hi to everyone I meet and ask them to come and play.  But it’s a trait I love about you because wherever we are, you make a new friend.

Last night you told me that you were going to miss 5.  “It was a good year,” you said very dramatically.  Yes, it was a good year.  You grew up a lot this year.  You’re not a little kid anymore.  And while I’m going to miss 5 too, I look forward to 6.  It will be another good year.  I just hope it goes by a little more slowly because you’re growing up way too fast.

I love you, Sloan.  Have a Happy 6th Birthday.


No post today

We are in sunny Flordia!  After getting up at 4:15 this morning and tearing our children from their beds at 4:45, we have arrived.  We’ve already been swimming and now the kids are eating and then they’re headed off to bed.  In the meantime, please visit the St. Louis Bloggers Guild and read the post I wrote today about Blogging to Preserve History.  I’m proud of this post.

Bug Off – and Some Other Stuff

We have bees.  Or, a better way to put it…


That’s kind of how I felt as I tried to water my flowers about 10 minutes ago.  I mean, I know I should be grateful for them, what with their penchant for pollination and what have you, but I am, indeed, not grateful but rather terrified and mad.

I’m not talking one or two bees flying about, enjoying the meal I’ve planted for them in my front yard – I’m talking at LEAST 25-30, maybe more.

We have the big, scary, hairy bees like these:




I’ve heard in the past that these bees don’t actually sting – is that true?  Of course, why would they need to sting when they know that people like me will just break my neck trying to get away?

We also have plain old boring bees (that I know for a fact sting) like these:


They seem to particularly enjoy the flowers that have bloomed on our Hostas, which I intend to cut off tonight after they’ve all headed off to Beeville for the evening.  But they are also all over my Impatiens and I don’t know what to do about that.  Is there anything I can do?

In addition to bees, I noticed some little Beetle-like bugs all over my rose bushes and it appears they are eating the roses.  This is what they look like:


Do you have any suggestions as to what I should do about these guys? Ugh – I hate bugs…

In other, completely unrelated, news – We had a birthday party for Sloan last night at BounceU. Seriously – that’s the way to go when throwing a birthday party.  We actually split the party with some friends whose kids also have July birthdays, which made it even more fun and exciting for everyone. 

Remember last year’s birthday party?  This was way better – for me anyway.  I didn’t have to do anything but show up and take pictures.  And pictures I did take…

Sloan and his frined Nick beating the youknowwhat out of each other.  They lasted a long time!

Sloan and his frined Nick beating the youknowwhat out of each other. They lasted a long time!

My friend Suzanne and I also beating the youknowwhat out of each other.  We did not last nearly as long.

My friend Suzanne and I also beating the youknowwhat out of each other. We did not last nearly as long.

The kids bounced, wrestled, slid and climbed for an hour and a half.  And they came home tired.

The kids bounced, wrestled, slid and climbed for an hour and a half. And they came home tired.

The three in the top middle were the birthday kids - Ian (8) Gini Lu (4) and Sloan (6)

The three in the top middle were the birthday kids - Ian (8) Gini Lu (4) and Sloan (6)

The bouncing was followed by cupcakes and presents.  Sloan came home with a large bag filled with new Star Wars toys.  In fact, I think he only got Star Wars toys, which thrilled his little galaxy lovin’ heart.  The final gift he opened was from Lee and I.  We decided to give him his gift early since we’re leaving tomorrow for Florida. 

It’s a new light saber.  One that lights up and makes noise.  He’s been asking for one for a very long time now.  His reaction was priceless.


May the force be with you all.

Yankee Doodle Went to Town

I sang that song to Sloan this morning.  His response?

“Why would someone call a feather macaroni? That’s a weird song.”

He then returned to his ever running loop of humming the theme to Star Wars.  So much for teaching him a little piece of Americana.

We had a lovely Fourth of July.  But it was missing something.  Lee had to fly to Arkansas last minute for the funeral of one of his dearest friends growing up.  Not having daddy around definately put a damper on our holiday spirits.  And knowing that my husband was grieving and hurting and I couldn’t be there with him made it even worse.

I have to say, I love Fourth of the July.  I love the way that it brings everyone together.  I love the smell of barbeque, the laughter, the music and the fireworks.  I love watching kids run around with Sparklers (other people’s kids – not mine because I don’t quite trust my little piro’s just yet) and I love to hear their delighted shreaks as the sky explodes in flashes of color.

This year, I took the kids to a local park where we enjoyed the company of good friends and ooh’d and aah’d at the fireworks.  I was a bit of a kill joy for the kids because I didn’t bring any cash, which means they couldn’t get a drink or a snack or a glow stick or anything at all. Mooooooommmm! (as you read that, let your voice go up about three octaves and stamp your foot and you’ll get an idea of just. how. traumitized the kids were at my lack of preparation.)

We didn’t get home until 10:30, at which point I had to throw the kids in the shower because they smelled like gun powder and mosquito spray.  This resulted in us oversleeping Sunday morning.  I was singing in church and had to be there at 7:45. I woke up to a quiet house at 7:30.  I walked into the church building at 8:05, with all three kids dressed.

I deserve a medal.  I nice, shiny medal.

Of course, those 35 minutes went something like this (clap your hands together loudly and repeatedly as you read this next paragraph out loud) – C’mon guys, get dressed.  Let’s Go, Go, Go. We’ll brush your teeth after church. I know you’re hungry, I’ll get you something to eat later.  There’s no time for a drink, we have to go now, now, now! And so on…

But we made it.  And at 8:40, Lee came to church after flying in on the 6:30 am flight.  And he brought my starving, neglected children some food.  As the kids saw their daddy walk in the building, they took off running toward him and nearly knocked him over as they tackled him.  I was on stage with a microphone in my hand and a lump in my throat as I watched them all take turns kissing and hugging on their daddy.

It was the perfect end to a good weekend.  I’m a blessed woman.

Is It Bad? Part Four

It’s time for another installment of Is It Bad? The series where I attempt to make myself feel better for the fallicies in my parenting and my life.  It doesn’t really work, but it does make me laugh at myself and laughter keeps the world goin’ ’round, right?  Or is it love? 

Whatever it is – I hope you enjoy.

-Is it bad that I enjoyed every single moment of my trip alone last week?  I mean, I missed my kids, but I reeeaaally enjoyed waking up on my own, going to the bathroom alone and eating sitting down for seven whole days.  Is that bad?

-Is it bad that I was over the news about Michael Jackson’s death about ten minutes after I heard it?  Is it bad that I have no interest in watching one more documentary about his life?  In my opinion, Michael Jackson died a long time ago.  All that’s been left for many years was the broken shell of a hurting man.  But Michael Jackson the brilliant performer?  He died sometime in the early ’90’s.

-Is it bad that yesterday, when I took a Core strengthening class at the gym, I contemplated all the ways that I could bring harm to the instructor who I’m sure was trying to kill us all?  Is it bad that this morning, when I tried to sit up and realized that my abdomen has gone on strike in protest to the bajillion and one crunches I did yesterday, I revisited those hateful thoughts?  I’ve since repented so that makes it better, right?

-Is it bad that by 9:00 am on Wednesday morning, I was already frustrated with my children besides that fact that I came home full of ambition to be more patient with them?

-Is it bad that I always splash a tiny bit of apple juice into Landon’s sippy cup because he refuses to drink water?  Is it bad that when I’m out of apple juice, I put a little water into the apple juice container and attempt to trick him into thinking there’s juice in his cup so he’ll drink water?  It worked for awhile, but I think he’s on to me.

-Is it bad that I posted a status update on Facebook yesterday that was grammatically incorrect? (I misused the comma, and, you know, I likes me some commas.  Yikes, that last sentence was gramatically incorrent – slang, cliche – oh the horror!  And now this paranthetical pause is getting way too long, a personal pet peeve (ooh, I do love alliteration though).  Someone stop me!)  Is it bad that the knowledge of my comma misuse bothered me so much that I actually laid awake in bed last night thinking about it?  Say it with me – obsessive.

-Is it bad that my house is in a sad state (we could be pushing health hazard) but instead of cleaning it I’m thinking of taking the kids to the pool today and then taking a nap?

-Is it bad that I refuse to walk out my back door right now because there is a spider hanging in the air about two feet from the door and I don’t want it to swing over and attack me while I attempt to leave?  Is it bad that I sent the dog out first in the hopes that she will eat the spider for me?  Is it bad that I’m such a pansy?

-Speaking of the dog, is it bad that we are seriously considering getting rid of her?  She’s such a good dog and it really does break my heart to think about giving her away, but we travel so much and are so busy that I feel like we don’t give her the love she needs.  Is it that so bad?

-Is it bad that I stuck my kids in front of the TV where I can almost see there brains turning to mush and the eyes turning into liquid pools just so I could sit down at the computer and write this post?  Is it bad that I used the television as my babysitter?  Is it?

-Is it bad that I want to tear down our swingset because my daughter scares the ever lovin’ bejeebus out of me on it.  She’s a crazy little monkey and I fear that she will lead me to an early grave as she dangles precariously from the moneky bars.  Is it bad that I would rather just remove the death contraption than to teach her safety?

Okay, now it’s your turn.  Write your own Is It Bad? post and leave me a comment with the link – or just post your own Is It Bad? statements in the comments.

So is it bad that I just shamelessly begged you all to leave me a comment?


My boy (who’s almost SIX) has had a few great one liners lately. Enjoy the deep thoughts of Sloan Stuart:

Sloan: “Hey mom – you know what I’m the awesomest at?”
Me: “What?”
Sloan: “Oh, just about everything.”
Me: “You’re modest too.”
Sloan: “Yeah…Mom, what’s modest?”

One morning, after he crawled in bed with us at the crack of dawn, he started rubbing my face.
Sloan: “Mom, do you have sunscream on?”
Me: “No.”
Sloan: “Why is your skin so lotiony then?”
Me: “I put lotion on my face before I went to sleep.”
Sloan: “Oh. Is that to help you not look so old.”
I had no comment…

When I called about 5 days into my trip, I spoke with Sloan who is the only child who apparently missed me while I was gone…
Sloan: “Mom, where are you?”
Me: “I’m in South Caicos.”
Sloan: “What are you doing in South Caicos?”
Me: “I’m just looking around.”
Sloan: “Okay, um…this is getting a little weird. When are you coming home?”

After I returned home, I enjoyed some sweet snuggles with my oldest. As we cuddled up he gave me a kiss on the cheek.
Sloan: “Mom, I missed you so much.”
Me: “I missed you too, buddy.”
Sloan: “You know mom – I always loved you. Like, always…”

And finally – A couple of weeks ago as I was folding laundry, Sloan pulled out one of my bras and held it up.
Sloan: “Mom – when I grow up and turn into a girl, will I wear a nest holder like this?” (he still calls the female chest a nest – at what age do you think I should correct him? Never? Oh good, that’s what I was thinking...)
Me: “Honey, you’ll always be a boy – you will never be a girl.
Sloan: dropping my bra and clapping his hands together as though they were dirty – “Oh good, because that does not look comfortable.”

I seriously don’t know where he comes up with some of this stuff…

Island Gallery

Our plane, which was scheduled to depart from Miami and 8:15 and land in St. Louis at 9:55 last night, did not leave until 11:40 and land until 1:15 am.  So I am tired today.  Really, really tired.  I can barely form a coherent thought, so I leave you with a few photos.  My pictures did not turn out quite like I hoped.  I am a little disppointed at how fuzzy many of them turned out.  I really need to take a photography course…

Here are a few of the images I managed to capture. I took about 150 pictures with my camera and equal that or more with my mom’s, so limiting this gallery to less than 25 shots was tough!  Click on the picture to see the enlarged image.