It starts…

I took the kids to the park today to meet Sloan’s preschool class. Midway through the playdate, I notice Sloan being chased by two little girls. As we got in the car to leave, I asked Sloan what they were doing.

“I was the prince and they were trying to catch me,” he said.

I had instant flashbacks to my elementary school days when my friend Kirsten and I would chase this little boy named Mike around the playground and haul him to the tires where we would each kiss him, then let him go. The thought of little girls doing this thing to my own son sent me into a panic. “Stay away from him – he’s mine!” the voice screamed out in my head.

Calmly I looked at him in the rearview mirror, his super blonde hair all windblown and his cheeks rosy from all the running. He’s such a little doll. “So, what happened when they caught you?” I asked, fearing his answer.

“They didn’t catch me cause I’m too fast for them,” he replied with a satisfied smile.

That’s right my boy. Don’t ever let them catch you!”

But I think if they did catch me,” he said, “they would just throw me in jail cause I’m the bad prince.”

Ahhh innocence. I wish it would stay this way forever, but I’ll gladly take it for now.


  1. We’ll just pray he’s a really fast runner and no one can ever catch him 🙂