Meet the newest American Girl

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You would be hard pressed to find another toy company that has come up with a more creative and lucrative idea than that of the American Girl doll. Blending history with all things girly, they have the market on quality toys for little girls. I mean, really – they put Cabbage Patch Dolls to shame.

Those dolls grew in the ground and had yarn for hair. The ’80’s were a strange time, folks…

Had American Girl been around when I was little, I would have been wildly in love with the dolls. Instead, I am just wildly in love with them as an adult, and thankfully I get to share them with my own daughter and watch her imagination bloom as she plays and learns through their vastly rich historical stories.

Well done, American Girl. Well done.

The newest American Girl historical figure is Caroline Abbott whose story takes place near Lake Ontario during the War of 1812. From the American Girl press release:

“Living with her family in Sacket Harbor, New York, Caroline loves sailing with her shipbuilder father, and she even dreams of captaining her own ship one day. But after British sailors capture her father and cousin, Caroline does her best to keep the promise she makes to her father to stay steady and ride storms through the better weather. In the end, Caroline finds – and proves – her own steadiness and strength as she navigates the challenges of wartime.”

Caroline launches with six historical books written by author and social historian Kathleen Ernst and they follow Caroline’s adventures through this rich moment in American history.

“Our newest historical character, Caroline, is a brave, independent girl who teaches girls today that they can navigate life’s challenges by staying strong, making good decisions, and taking action,” says Jean McKenzie, executive vice president of American Girl. “We know our fans will be inspired by the stories of Caroline, who shows girls that they can set their own course to help make changes for the future.”

With Christmas quickly approaching (I know, WHAT?!), Caroline Abbott would make a great addition to your American Girl’s collection. She has an array of historically accurate clothes and accessories that represent her time period and the books are sure to enthrall your daughters as they learn more about our country in a way that interests them.

Today, thanks to American Girl, I have the privilege of offering one lucky reader Caroline Abbott’s six book box set. You can share with your daughter (or granddaughter, or niece, or cousin, or neighbor, or sister-in-law’s Aunt’s second cousin’s daughter…) these fun and lively tales that bring American history to life in a way that they can all love and understand.

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This contest is open to US Residents only and will end on Monday, September 10, when I draw a random name from the list of comments. You will have twenty-four hours to respond to the email telling you you’ve won. If you do not respond, I will choose another winner. The winner will receive the box set directly from American Girl.

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Oh, and please…have a lovely Tuesday. It’s September people! SEPTEMBER! Which can only mean one thing…pumpkin spice lattes and (hopefully soon for us Floridians) scarves and boots. That’s enough to make me unendingly happy today…

disclaimer: I am working in conjunction with American Girl to promote the launch of their new historical doll and I’m grateful for the opportunity. I received the Caroline Abbott doll in exchange for writing this post. I was not compensated.


  1. Danielle Johnson says

    Have not yet decided if we will take part in the American Girl Doll craze, but I am an avid support of reading and enjoyed these books as a child!

  2. Paul Shaver says


  3. My daughters 10th Birthday is Monday, she just got the new American Girl Magazine Saturday and has been begging me already for this doll!! Im sure she would LOVE the books too!!!

  4. I have just started on the AG train with my twins. Would love to win these!

  5. Erin Allen says

    How fun! Morgan LOVES American Girl, and loves to read too. Please enter us in the contest! 🙂

  6. These would be perfect for my best friend’s girl named Caroline.

  7. We got the new catalog over the weekend. Rachel is teetering between that little girl and pre teen stage and she is not quite ready to give up the American Girl dolls yet. She was SO excited to see this one. I have to admit, I love it myself!
    Might I also add…I am so stinking jealous that you are able to work with them!
    Have a great day Kelli and tell Lee and the kids we said hi!

  8. My two girls LOVE American Girl – dolls, books. you name it! Great giveaway! 🙂 Fingers crossed.

  9. People in Florida wear boots and scarves????

    I would love these books!

    • Rarely, Amy. Very rarely, but I hold out hope for a freak cold front, because I have cute scarves begging to be worn…

  10. Matthew Harp says

    I read your blogs all the time and feel bad that I’m just now posting a comment but I have a 6 year old and a 2 year old that would love anything American doll.

  11. Amy Tennison says

    Hey Kelli! Maryn would love these!!! I hope we win… 🙂

  12. You know I’m in girlllllfrraaaan! 🙂 Awesome! I know a certain niece that would freakin’ flip out over these!!!!

  13. She looks cute! I loved American girl dolls when I was a kid.

  14. This is my official entry comment. Over and out.

  15. This is my official Facebook entry comment. Boom.

  16. Ashlynn would think this was pretty cool. She plays school with her AG doll.

  17. Sweet!

  18. Would love to win! Can’t wait to share these books with my daughter 🙂

  19. Katie Polk says

    My girls would absolutely love to win these!

  20. My son’s name is Abbott–How cool would it be for my daughter to have her first American Girl doll with such a special name?! PLUS, my little girl has VERY curly hair and it’d be nice to have a doll with similar characteristics! 🙂

  21. Christmas is only 113 days away – that works out to roughly 7 paychecks!! HOLY MOTHER OF PEARL!! I have to get crackin’!!

    I don’t know how on earth I got on the American Girl Doll Catalog list, what with only having boys, but that doesn’t stop me from thumbing through and dreaming about buying these for my nieces! They are just adorable!!

  22. my daughter loves the AG dolls. her bitty baby is her fav toy, and she’s waiting until she’s 5 to get a “big” girl doll. hope we win!

  23. We love the American Girls! They have great stories of girls who are strong and courageous!! Plus you learn about history at the same time.

  24. Thanks for the giveaway! My girls love these dolls and stories…they’re getting their first doll this year after saving up for over a year to pay for it.

  25. Shared on Facebook – thanks!!

  26. My daughter would love to win this! We love AG around here 🙂

  27. I sent a tweet about this giveaway from @cfamchronicles

  28. I shared this on facebook!

  29. My daughter is turning 6 in October and it will be great to get her started with the American Girls collection. Thank you for the opportunity.

  30. Shared on FB. Yay!!!!

  31. My daughter would LOVE to own this book collection AND the doll!

  32. I tweeted! {@apichea}

  33. I shared on FB!

  34. facebook shared it too!

  35. Kyna Dublin says

    Baylor is in 3rd grade. Boy, do we ever need books that I don’t have to force her to read!!

  36. My 8 year old daughter, Emma loves all things AG. She would be thrilled to have this book set.

  37. Hey, hey! In addition to my. Ommenting above, I shared on FB, both on my blog page and private page. Twitter won’t let me fix my password from my iPad,so no go there!

  38. I had heard they had new doll…but who knew the location was in our state!! Our daughter would love these.

  39. Jody Terrell says

    Love, love the American Girl books, as does my daughter, who saved her own money to buy a doll!! Looking forward to reading this new series with her.

  40. I tweeted!

  41. My nieces would love these!!!

  42. Diane Beazley says

    Count me in!

  43. My daughter *loves* American Girl!!!

  44. I’d love those books. They’d be great to read to my girls before bed! 🙂

  45. This would be so awesome to win! Loved these books as a girl and would love them for my little girl.

  46. Kristina Foster says

    My girls have all of these sets on their Amazon wish lists. It would be great to win!

  47. Kristina Foster says
  48. She is very cute! My daughter is only 3 and she already loves the American Girl books.

  49. loveag!