The things I do to avoid cleaning the house…

My house exploded over the weekend. It is in serious need of some TLC so, naturally, my first inclination was to make an iMovie preview.

Because I firmly believe in the motivational power of procrastination.

So what about you? How do YOU like to avoid cleaning?


  1. I’m a little slow, but I’ve realized if we LEAVE and go to the park I never think about a baseboard…not one time. Our weather has been amazing so we’ve been to the park a lot. A little mini-vacation in the day, only not.

    • Taking your kids is kind of guilt-free procrastination. You’re getting them outside, they’re getting fresh air, it’s good for everyone. I’m a big proponent of the “let’s got to the park to avoid cleaning” tactic. 🙂

  2. Candy Martin says

    Love the video. Even Sadie got in the movie this time. You have been making funny videos since you were 10!

  3. This was SO cute! I especially love Tia’s “tough” face! haha!! Wow! I wish you lived closer so you could make one of these for My boys – sadly – I am about as far away from you as I can get -Seattle….*sigh*

    and don’t worry – your mess will still be there when you decide to do something about it…mine always is 🙁

  4. “Super” awesome. Love it.

  5. I volunteer to do stuff like this for the school, yearbook, science projects, etc. just so that I will have the excuse to not clean the house. Cuz I’m all forward-thinking like that.