Well…I did it!!! Phase one is complete. To really appreciate the above pictures, please take a moment to look here.

Yesterday, my mom took the kids for me because I thought that we were having our carpets cleaned in the morning. Turns out I was wrong on the date, they actually came today, so I ended up with a whole lot of time and no kids and I dove in head first! I got through all the clothes in my closet, the kids closets and the hall closet. I gave borrowed clothes that no longer fit or weren’t needed back. I filled seven 30 gallon garbage bags with clothes that I am going to sell, and also with stuffed animals and toys that have not felt the love of a child in a long, long time. For the neighbors that read this blog, a garage sale is in our near future! Any of you want to join us again? I am hoping to raise enough money to buy a plane ticket to San Diego to visit my precious friends, Wanida and Wendy.
I am parting with a lot of the baby clothes, though there were a handful of things that I just could not bear to get rid of. Those will be packed away for awhile until I am more emotionally stable. I couldn’t bring myself to get rid of most of the girl clothes because Lee and I are entertaining the idea and praying through the possibility of one day adopting. If the Lord does lead us down that path, I want to be prepared. So, there you have it. You all motivated me and I went after it. I feel immensely satisfed, though I still have the largest part of this project looming ahead and that is going through the 12 remaining bins of clothes in the basement. Poor Landon still has very few clothes to wear. One more day with no kids, and perhaps with a little company (Bethany?) and I should be set. And Barbara, don’t worry, I’ll have plenty for you to help me organize should you all come back in September. I’m saving a little for you 🙂 Thanks for all the encouragement! I must sign off now. Lee is out of town and Landon has a terrible cold, which means he’s terribly fussy, which means I’m in for a long night. Yay me!!


  1. Anonymous says:

    Till I got to the end of the blog, I thought for sure it was the “return of the mother-in-law” that inspired and motivated you. I’m proud of you, and the job looks perfect. Are you pleased with the carpets? Between the closets and the carpet, I bet you are feeling goooood!

  2. blessedpath says:

    YAY!!! It feels like a weight lifted doesn’t it!! I even went through the bag you brought me today. I too am gonna sell some of the name brand clothes to Once upon a Child to get some money to buy the kids more clothes for the cold weather. Loved spending time with Sloan and Tia today…..Looking forward to more of that as we get back into the routine of things!

  3. Tiffany says:

    YAY! YOU DID IT, YOU DID IT! HOORAY! Congrats girl! It looks AWESOME!

  4. awesome! you’re wonder mommmy!!! congrats on your girl’s olympic medals, too! we keep saying – that’s kelli’s friend! or kelli’s friend’s mom!!!

  5. bugs and sunshine says:

    is it freaky if i love the vacuum lines in your carpet so much that i want to make it my new screen saver so i can enjoy it everyday?


    congratulations! you da’ bomb baby!